My Old Kentucky Home is something I take very seriously and hold very close to my heart. There are few days I love more than Derby day. I love the horses, the betting, the Mint Juleps, the hats, the spirit of it all and the prep. This year I took it to a whole new level by doing the alterations on my dress myself.  >>>And by alterations I mean rebuilding the top half of the dress.<<<

What was once a long sleeved, collared, shirt dress… now a fabulous one shoulder, ruffled master piece. I originally found this facsinator at the beggining of my hunt for head gear. It make my stomach tight and I knew I wanted it but what the fuck would I wear it with. I am not a big fan of B&W and a solid color. It is always so predicable and safe to me. I didn’t want to just throw on a mint dress and call it a day. I wanted to have fun!  At the same time I knew if I were to mix it with another pattern it had to be the ultimate of all power clashing.

What better way to power clash than to MONO-PATTERN?? Right? Eh?


The older I get and the more Derbies I attend I continue to confirm my belief that getting dressed is meant to be fun. Playing it safe will never look as good as being creative. It’s simply really. High risk = High returns. I sure as hell got my $$$ out of this ensemble and even won a little cash at the races!

20140509-180127.jpg20140509-180322.jpg 20140509-180310.jpg 20140509-180150.jpg

Dress from

Tights stolen for Katelynd

Boots from NastyGal

Bracelets from NastyGal, J.Crew, F21 and Aldo.

Sunnies from Charlotte Russe

Fascinator from Etsy~ here. 

20140509-180229.jpg20140509-180252.jpg 20140509-180219.jpg20140509-180244.jpg 20140509-180236.jpg

Yes those are home made spats. Your eyes are not fooling you! A few days before Katelynd and I hitup the Zappo’s clearance center outside of Louisivlle and I fell in love with a pair of boots. Sadly they were the most uncomfortable things my feet had ever graced. So the night before the Derby I used a carpet knife to cut the up!

20140509-180208.jpg 20140509-180134.jpg 20140509-175532.jpg 20140509-175510.jpg 20140509-175502.jpg 20140509-175324.jpg20140509-175452.jpg 20140509-175331.jpg

Dress and sweater from Anthropologie

Tights from Urban Outfitters

Boots from America’s Thrift

Necklace from J.Crew

Hat designed and created by us! PASTE Magazine featured this hat as one of the 50 best at the Derby!


Check it out here! 

20140509-175444.jpg 20140509-175346.jpg20140509-175437.jpg 20140509-175401.jpg20140509-175416.jpg 20140509-175353.jpg20140509-175408.jpg 20140509-175339.jpg


So what will you be doing the first weekend in May next year?

Talking Derby?



KD IN KY: The resurrection of Katelynd Frierson

Hey gang! REMEMBER ME??!?!!!kdinkyblog-2


Turns out I didn’t freeze to death in the most traumatic winter i’ve ever had the displeasure of being subjected to. Who knew? In celebration of this fact I managed to peel off my winter coat moments before it became permanently fused to my skin, hop on a Megabus, and run in to the arms of my beloved Jaime in her old Kentucky home. I have to tell you, I was having a bit of VERY real anxiety thinking that over the course of just one Chicago winter I had forgotten everything I ever knew about how to wear clothes. Have you ever had that? Ever gotten in to such a rut that you begin to actually believe that you are no longer capable of being that same sassy wackado in fringe and floral you once were? Is it possible that I will just be stuck wearing this same North Face knee length coat, fur lined Doc Martens, and pale itchy skin until they lay my frozen body into the ground?

The answer is NO ladies! This too shall pass. You are more powerful than your self imposed uniform! That funky bitch who once wore polka dot wedges, a polka dot blouse, AND a polka dot vest AT THE SAME TIME is inside of you just itching to jump out. As we transition from winter (yes, it was still 30 degrees two weeks ago in Chicago) to spring I hope you join along with me in replanting your wild side. Get out with your bestie and reek havoc on your routine. Fuck your work khakis. Fuck your 5 year old dress pants. Especially fuck your winter coats. And say fuck yes to feeling fly and having fun in the sun.

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Jaime and I were traveling the streets of Kentucky when we popped in to her favorite vintage store since high school, where she bought this amazing hat. A couple stores down I bought these little lilac daisy dukes and feel so far in love with them I immediately put them on in the car before the shoot. I’ll tell ya, there’s really nothing that compares to goofing around in brand new treasures with your most treasured friend. We can’t wait to share with you some more about our ladiez trip and my first ever time going to the Kentucky Derby. Stay tuned!!!



Jessica Wilson - Seeing you ladies working those ADORABLE hats inspires me! Southern sexy Anne of Green Gables. Am now on a quest for one of my own.


A few weeks ago I was perusing and fell in LOVE with this giant red dress. A wafting tail and tailored shoulder it made no sense at all. I had to have it.

Check out the Mignonne post here.

I arrived home from the Kentucky Derby late last night (post coming soon!) and found this gem just chilling in my mailbox. I couldn’t wait to wear it. Groggily rolling out of bed this morning post my cinco de Mayo celebrations and all I could think about was eggs. Well eggs and coffee and sunglasses immediately. My ultimate hang over cure you ask? Bluegrass Grill. Nothing like a giant hug from Greg, a little ibuprofen, giant glass of water, a bottomless cup of coffee and a P4 with TWO fried eggs on top! PUT AN EGG ON IT LADIES!






I picked up this treasure of a hat this weekend in Louisville a little vintage shop called Nitty Gritty. They always have the best stuff! I bought my jewelry for senior prom this time of the year 10 years ago!










Red dress from, necklace by NamastEmily here in Chattanooga, shoes from the SWIA clothing swap, bracelets from ALDO & F21, sunnies from Charlotte Russe, hat from Nitty Gritty in Louisville and my clutch is from my first trip to India in 2005!

So how are you feeling today?? Did you celebrate Cinco De Mayo with little Milton?? Did you have a red dress treasure to help pull you out of the MUCK???

Happy Tuesday Y’all!




If you know me, then you know that the Kentucky Derby is by far my favorite day of the year. I love holidays in general. Especially ones that involve dressing up in some way but Derby simply put… blows it out of the water!

So when my best friend of 20 years is having a bridal shower in Kentucky in April, what better theme could there be? Bright colored dresses, big hats, fascinators, cucumber & pimiento cheese sandwiches and (of course!) BOURBON!  Bourbon balls, bourbon drinks, bourbon! Bourbon! Bourbon!

Needing some inspiration for an upcoming Derby party? (May 3rd) or maybe you will be joining Katelynd and I in Louisville that weekend?

OR maybe this is all new to you. If thats the case, enjoy! There are few things as preppy, over the top and old school as Derby style. Maybe this is the year you track down a Derby party. Not only for the Mint Juleps, horses or betting but for your opportunity to wear a really over the top Derby hat!

859302_620164883910_6778105397777800663_o 10003810_620162748190_7949213480615544766_o1537823_620162538610_8794789824779640860_o1425355_620164295090_1534745277506663596_o979865_620162828030_6564033564379313441_o 1401425_620163466750_7394374896738067284_o 1491256_620164300080_7264547728945079510_o 1502685_620162977730_2325491437163418319_o 1939622_620164020640_3172180602051318191_o 10012898_620163222240_2059136646208302170_o 10273300_620163332020_6572774132218083861_o 10286839_620163007670_8295966341250356775_o 10293834_620162922840_4811249270288188477_o 10298106_620163232220_5665405536019143974_o 10298314_620162583520_8237870529345125271_o 10014523_620165138400_4805919590539835949_o

What’s a good southern wedding shower with out a KitchenAid mixer in any color and a little Maker’s Mark?



Paula Cash - To mix up some bourbon balls Rachael!

Allyson Akers - this is superb.


April showers usually bring May flowers but here in Chattanooga we always get the beautiful blooms in March! Now that the wind, rain and overall unpredictable weather has set in the blooms are starting to fall apart. This petals whipping in the wind make for some really beautiful “snow”. Along with with the crazy weather comes somewhat warmer temperatures… well sometimes. Sometimes and maybe like part of the day!

Here is my go at dressing for spring from Monday. The temperatures were in the 60s, the rain was off and on and the ground was wet.

3K0A4259 3K0A4262 3K0A4264 3K0A43093K0A43033K0A4265 3K0A42943K0A4266 3K0A43003K0A4269
3K0A4273 3K0A4276 3K0A4278 3K0A42993K0A4281 3K0A4282 3K0A43023K0A4286 3K0A4292


Coat >>> H&M borrowed from my friend Clara

Hat >>> from a SWIA clothing swap

Top >>> Fredonia Provisions for Women here in Chattanooga

Necklace >>> F21

Skirt >>> TJ Maxx, it was straight across but I cut the mullet into it and then turned it to the side

Shoes >>> NastyGal

Bracelets >>> Aldo & F21

Rings >>> F21 and Francescas

Good luck staying warm & cool & dry & stylish! Cheers to spring and its crazy weather leading the way to warmer days!