Hey y’all!! Did you enjoy your 4th of July as much as we did?!?! I sure as shit hope so, if not feel free to come on over and help us finish off these PBRs and leftover hot dog buns (Oh wait, Gaby already did that this morning). I woke up on the 4th and started begrudgingly putting my work uniform on cursing the name of Starbucks for forcing me to work on the best themed day of the year. To my sheer joy as I was walking out the door my manager called me to tell me it was so slow that I didn’t need to come in. Naturally I ran to plug my phone in to our speakers to blast my USA playlist (mainly just Bruce Springsteen and 90s Garth Brooks jams) then ripped Gaby out of bed so we could go buy bratwursts and beer. As she was in the shower I skipped to my closet to unearth the best red white and blue polyester jumper anyone has ever seen so I could take a pair of scissors to the knee length culottes and turn those bitches into daisy dukes. Jaime got me a tripod and remote for my camera approximately 7 months ago and I FINALLY got around to setting it all up so Gaby and I could share with all of you how much fun we had and how cool we looked doing it. Beers were drank. Fireworks were set off. A good time was had by all. Tag us in your instagram pictures (@sheworeitanyways) so we can see how much fun you had too!!!




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You guys should know that I RAN to my computer to make this post. I recently found myself in my very first Facebook argument/discussion (SWIA seems to be having a lot of those these days) about the resent ruling of Hobby Lobby’s anti-contraception case. I don’t want to get into the details of this case, but the gist of it is that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby discriminating against covering birth control in the insurance for their employees. It’s astonishing to me the stigma we still carry against women that take birth control. It seems as if many people view it as an excuse for women to laissez-faire(ily?) sleep with as many random strange men as they please and have zero repercussions because of it. First of all, let me say, I don’t know any women that are on birth control that decide to take on multiple sexual partners because of their prescription. Second of all, I do know plenty of women that take birth control regularly as a result of life altering pains as a result of menstruation and endometriosis. Third of all, as a christian woman I believe it to be my personal mission to extend love and tolerance and acceptance to every human being regardless of what they do with their bodies. I could talk for hours on this subject (and please, if you wish to, email me at, but that’s not what I wanted to discuss. What I came here to say is how thankful I am for the women in my life that have taught me to stick up for myself. As I was angrily typing away my beliefs on this event I couldn’t help but think “thank God someone taught me better”. Thank the Lord that I was blessed to be surrounded by people that showed me that not only is it okay to be myself with my beliefs, but that what I have to say is valid and important.


One of the people in my life that has single handily shown me the importance of my voice and opinion is my grandmother. Maureen Frierson is the official SWIA godmother for a reason. She showed me that even if I am different from everyone else, or have an unpopular opinion that the only option is to be the biggest version of myself I could possibly be and forget the rest. The confidence I have in being a strong and independent woman comes from her. The flower that grew in me that allowed me to stand up for my beliefs was a seed planted by her.

Meme (as I call her) was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. My father broke the news to me and I sat on the phone devastated and crying. I couldn’t even wrap my brain around what she must be going through. This was the woman that taught me how to host a party, how to set a table, how to deal with boys breaking my heart, how to wear see through fringe house coats to cocktail parties, and how to not give a FUCK! She is also the same woman that asked me to go shopping with her after her first round of chemo. Needless to say, this woman is a little firecracker. She knows who she is, and she absolutely refuses to apologize for being herself. She is SWIA embodied. If Meme hadn’t been in my life I cant imagine I would give a shit at all about the argument I was involved in today. But she is in my life, and she did teach me that people, gay, straight, married, virginal, or mothers, are worth fighting for. She taught me that I should be proud of who I am, and I should encourage others to feel the same. So if you are a supporter of SWIA, then you are also a supporter of Meme, and for that I thank you. I started this post out feeling like I could go on forever talking about women’s sexual health issues and ended it feeling like I could go on talking about the sheer magic that is my grandmother. I hope you all have a SWIA fairy godmother in your lives that that has shown you how totally cool it is to be yourself, no matter how weird and goofy that self is. I know I am the luckiest girl on the planet to have Meme as mine.


To all the supportive women in our lives that has made SWIA possible;







Joyce Cash - Great picturesques of your MeMe.

Callie Frierson - I LOVE these pics of you gals! You will both look back on these and cherish that beautiful sunny afternoon…

Dalton Elder Mook - Amazing..thank you Katelynd:-) and love and hug to Mrs. Frierson, aka meme! She and Christy have been lights in my world:-)

Christy Frierson - Is THAT covered by Hobby Lobby et al?). And MEme is definitely a firecracker. Or Friercracker. So glad you were able to b

Christy Frierson - Good Lord how proud I am of you!! Beautifully put. I just don’t understand how. “Christians” can be so judgmental and closed minded so often. That just doesn’t jive with what I’ve read about Jesus. And thank you for addressing the other medical reasons for taking this MEDICATION. Can’t believe no one else had mentioned it. You’d think the pill was the equivalent of Viagra or something (um, is

Leigh Ann Lingerfelt - LOVE IT! XOXO

Paul K Frierson Jr - Yep you are lucky. I was lucky first though. Lucky for you too because she us the one who showed me and taught me how to be the dad that I am. Love you both dearly and I am super proud of the goofy yet absolutely superb woman you are. Give’em hell kiddo!


Sometime you have to shoot just for fun. Yesterday my dear friend Emily came over and we played around the the light and some free-lensing in my neighbors house.  Sadly my sweet neighbors are moving out but right now their house is empty and OH SO magical!

Check out Emily’s blog at

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You guys. I am tired, I am confused and frankly I am fucking pissed off.

I gave up on listening a while ago and I have no patience for ignorance and hate. If you noticed my FB post you will have noted that I finally cracked. I usually keep FB positive and light hearted but this was my first real rant. (Other than that time I posted that leggings are in fact pants and got over 100 likes) A man who will be referred to as THIS GUY went swimming in a creek today. He then proceeded to judge, criticize and hate on women whom he was displeased with. He was so concerned with their appearances that he secretly took photos of them (creep!) and then posted them on internet.


You see the thing that THIS GUY is really out of line about is that he thinks he makes the rules. He thinks that I am playing on his field. I’ve got news, THIS GUY no longer has control of the ball and can’t even comprehend the game I am playing.

FUCK THIS GUY. Fuck all of the THIS GUYs out there. Guys, girls, young or old. If you think for one second that you have the right to hate someone else because they are different than you, then please take a moment to realize how insanely out of line you are.

You see the idea that someone else’s judgement of my physical appearance determines my value is INCORRECT.

So all of you ladies checking your bodies in the mirror time after time before leaving the house, any person second guessing themselves in a crowd,  or any of you avoiding the pool this summer because THIS GUY might be there. You are officially off the hook. No one is looking. No one is judging. No one is here to hate on you.

Any human holding back in life because they are afraid of what THIS GUY will say, you are now allowed to be wild and free!

When we as a society let THIS GUY determine the rules or set the playing field, then we all lose. THIS GUY is still there. Hating himself, hating you, judging and criticizing you but he has very clearly explained himself. His opinion is not worth listening to.



Someone please explain why we all love to hate each other so much?

Emily Unkle - @Dane, good point, but unfortunately the guy actually interacted with this on facebook. He wasn’t being sarcastic.

Dane Hoffman - Plot twist: He was being serious when he said beauties and you just jumped to conclusions…

Patty Flowers - Yes, yes, yes!

Catherine Gantt - Amen, lady!

xoxox, C


TORI no shine-14So much of my life consists of my love of creativity. On the same hand so much of my livelihood depends on those same creative juices to flow. You may have noticed my lack of posts in the last month or so. Have you ever been there? The land without glitter? A place where you know the glitter exists and you want to dearly to throw it but you lack the ability to touch it, to see it.

I’ve been there for a while. Going through the motions of survival. Being creative for work but feeling an utter lack of inspiration and excitement for life. A boy once told me I had “genetic moxie”, I thought it was an insult but he quickly explained that I have a verve and pep for life that most people fight to have. I love my genetic moxie, most likely passed down to me by my always over the top father but there are certainly days that it seems to be in hiding.

I have felt uninspired.

I have felt distracted.

I have felt blah.

I finally cracked and decided to give my therapist a visit. (I was avid about my sessions for years but have slowed down quiet a bit). When talking with Hayne we discussed the value in anger. Not a mad anger but a passionate one. He explained the dynamics of each emotion. Anger houses both a negative energy and a positive one. I function best when I have something to be angry (read passionate) about. Becoming comfortable, content and falling into a pattern (read predictability) are the death of me.

A little over three years ago I left a very abusive relationship. I honestly had no hope for what the world would hold for me. So beaten down I had excepted my bleak future and want to live in a camper. Deep with in me I found these amazing survival skills. I found an energy and desire to create something out of nothing. So I did. Its the struggle that gave me direction. Once I felt like I had actually lost everything my life was a giant blank slate. The world pulled the rug out from under me (or maybe I did it to myself) and I was pissed. I was boiling with hurt and pain and confusion. In rebellion against the universe I decided I no longer had to live by the rules.

I turned a pile of shit into pure gold.


TORI no shine-1 TORI no shine-2 TORI no shine-3 TORI no shine-4 TORI no shine-5 TORI no shine-11TORI no shine-6 TORI no shine-9TORI no shine-7 TORI no shine-8 TORI no shine-13TORI no shine-10 TORI no shine-12TORI no shine-15 TORI no shine-16

Now in a place where things are genuinely good I have to navigate the waters with out my survival mode. Better I have to figure out how to stay that passionate. That hungry. CLAWS IN. Always.

So here is to creating even in the desert. To making my own glitter. I don’t care if I have to cut every tiny microscopic piece out myself.



What do you do to feel alive in the land without glitter? Let me know in the comments below.


Victoria Adams Bordelon - Spend time with people like you! You are a treasure and creative machine!