Sometimes you just gotta…

Sometimes you are having coffee on the porch with your friend and you realize you just gotta photograph her. If I could stop life and get out my camera every time I felt inspired I would probably be shooting all day everyday.

This is Jenna. She is an epic mother, fluent in french,  a student, singer and total hottie.

IMG_3290   IMG_3412 IMG_3297 IMG_3293 IMG_3303 IMG_3305 IMG_3311 IMG_3317 IMG_3325 IMG_3332 IMG_3336 IMG_3400 IMG_3341 IMG_3344 IMG_3349 IMG_3382   IMG_3399 IMG_3397 IMG_3391    IMG_3416 IMG_3426

Jenna is wearing >>> Sunnies by Rayban, dress from F21, shoes from target, tattoo by Lynn at Triple Seven, lip color is Siren by Revlon and fresh do by Monica at the Sunbella hair salon.



Monday Morning Run Ins

Out to breakfast for a meeting this morning and I ran into my sweet friend Jenna. After my meeting I joined her and her friend Chelsea on the patio. They just looked to precious not to photograph! This will be my first post with all iPhone pics…. not the worst thing ever!

Jenna is wearing >>> a striped dress from f21, thrifted belt, shoes f21, sunnies from gap, and her clutch is by Michael Kors.

image image image image

Chelsea is wearing >>> Dress  from f21, her jacket is a ‘hand me down’, shoes by Anne Klein, and Hive
and Honey earrings.

image image image image image

I am wearing>>> Dress from Walmart in Florida, cardigan from GAP, shoes from Old Navy (sometimes I lie and say J.crew), sunnies from F21, and bracelets from F21, Nasty Gal and vintage.

After coffee we headed to Pickle Barrel’s patio for some much needed sun, girl talk and Long Island Ice teas!

Cheers to Monday!



P.S.  Oh yes, and I ‘borrowed’ my hair bow from a lil girl I babysit for.

jaimesmialek - Thank you!!!

Samantha - I love all of these outfits! :)

SAFARI SATURDAY > your welcome.

Sometimes when I am getting dressed I take a look in the mirror and I feel completely out of line. Not today. I felt just enough RAWR  in my outfit while maintaining the balance to go out in public not be stared at. Its a good thing. To push the envelope and not knock it off the table. I love when Katelynd comes up with a new themed day. Safari  Saturday is one of my favorites but she has recently pitched Resort Wear Wednesday…. ooooooooo I love how she thinks.

As you will see I went for more of a hunter or spectator on a Safari. The only thing my outfit is missing would be binoculars! UHG… I wish. Katelynd on the other hand went when a prey motif. So try it out yourself. Rock it anyway you want. The only rule is there are no rules.

IMG_0848 IMG_0860IMG_0852IMG_0862 IMG_0850 IMG_0864 IMG_0851    IMG_0857 IMG_0859    IMG_0861     IMG_0869 IMG_0870    IMG_0880

I am wearing >>> Hat from F21, Banana Republic top, skirt from America’s Thrift that I cut off, vest from Collective Clothing’s new location on Frazier Ave, and Chinese Laundry shoes! Jewelry from F21, thrifted, Aldo, and Nasty Gal.

IMG_0903 IMG_0883 IMG_0916 IMG_0885 IMG_0907IMG_0904 IMG_0891 IMG_0894 IMG_0913 IMG_0900     IMG_0912    IMG_0921

Katelynd is wearing >>> top from Target via Plato’s closet, skirt and heels from f21 (left shoe lace is crafted from a strand of duct tape in a moment of desperation), ring is home made with a geode from Rock City, earrings gifted by Molly Gardener, bracelets are  f21 and a take home gift from Zane and Hannah Bulach’s wedding, and all visible tattoos are done by Jake at Triple Seven.


So let us hear you growl.



Double the pleasure. Double the fun.

Yes! You heard it correctly… There are now TWO COLLECTIVE CLOTHING locations>>>  I had the pleasure of popping in on opening day to check out all of their treasures! Katelynd found her May Day dress and I found a pair boots that were made for more than just walking.

This is Travis, Sondra and their beautiful daughter Natalie. They may possibly my favorite people in Chattanooga. I love that they had a great idea and went with it. They don’t live an ordinary life by any means but they make a living and seem to be enjoying the ride. As an entrepreneur myself I love to see other people make it on their own. To create their own authentic life. (article by Meghan O’Dea)

No need to color in the lines!

Katelynd is wearing >>> her May Day dress that is for sale at Collective Clothing 2, bracelets from F21 and vintage, and her rape whistle. (don’t fuck with her)

I am wearing >>>  boxy silk tee from Redbank Thrift that I cut the neck out of and added a lace panel to, Levi black denim I cut off (I like to cut things), head scarf from a yard sale, glasses from Warby Park (the try on kit!), watch from F21 and boots are for sale at Collective Clothing 2!

Along with the new North Shore location comes a Grand Opening Party this Friday from 5:00 to 9:00. Here is more event info.

They are also having a sign spinning competition and the winner receives $100 worth of store credit. Like? Get out of town! Check the event page for more details.

So scoot on over the the North Shore location and I’ll see ya there sweet hearts!



jaimesmialek - OH man! We didn’t actually buy it!

Melydia Clewell - Oh my gracious! I have the May Day dress, too, in a tea-length version. Found it on eBay nearly 15 years ago & wore it one Easter. There are no tags in mine, so I thought it might have been home sewn. Does yours have a brand tag?