Wedding Attire

As a wedding photographer by profession, I see a lot of well dressed wedding guests and a lot  not so well dressed wedding guests. I want to lay out a few simple guidelines I think help you look your best on someone else’s special day.

1) DO NOT WEAR WHITE> Don’t think about white, cream, beige, egg shell, off white, or anything else in the white family! Especially if it involves lace. Sometimes it is excusable if used in color blocking or if your dress is mainly another color…BUT really why the hell are you making excuses to wear white to a wedding? Just wear something else. If in question… just please don’t wear it.

2)When in doubt over dress. You can never look to nice for such a special occasion. If anything it will read that you really care. Under dressing looks like attending the wedding was a pain for you and in that case… just don’t go.

3)Take chances! Weddings are the perfect time to try out that vintage dress you never have the nerve to wear or guys who never wear a bow tie, now is your time! Since the majority of the focus is on the couple you can easily pull off a daring look with out feeling ridiculous!

I am not one for rules in style but wearing white to someones wedding is just plain rude. Do me a personal favor… don’t do it.

Here are some guest from this past weekends wedding who hit the nail on the head!

IMG_0483 IMG_0486 IMG_0487 IMG_0490 IMG_0491

Tara is wearing>>> A vintage dress, J.Crew jewelry and clutch, vintage engagement ring and Talbots heels.

IMG_0495 IMG_0496 IMG_0499 IMG_0501

Chase is wearing>>> Suit from Zara, H&M bow tie, shoes from Aldo and a Fossil watch.

IMG_0502 IMG_0504 IMG_0505 IMG_0506

Jeremy is wearing >>> Shoes by Cole Hann, Calvin Klein blazer, and shirt, pants, tie and watch are all from J.Crew.

IMG_0509 IMG_0512 IMG_0516 IMG_0517

Corey is wearing >> Suit is Prince of Wales from J.Crew, Danner boots (AMAZING), and his grandfathers watch.

So don’ be afraid to take chances and be the best dressed at a wedding but let the bride be the only one in white!



News flash: Your mother has way more steeze than you

News flash: Your mother has way more steeze than you

Ladies and gents, I share with you my stunning grandmother Beth. She had hair down to her hips and man oh man she knew how to work it! I like to call her the OTB (original top bunner)


As Mother’s Day is swiftly approaching we’d like to raise our rose colored glasses to the women in our life that taught us how to steeze! Na Zdravi mommies.



P.S Did I mention this was a blind date?!


Barbara Atkinson - Oh, my mother had an amazing sense of style and flair. In her teens she used to iron her hair. With a real iron on a real ironing board. Now THAT’S flat ironing!!

Sometimes, More is More!

Swimsuit season is all too often a shudder-inducing phrase. But why? Let’s make a collective decision to love ourselves, love our bodies and love dressing them. Even in swimwear! All you style gurus out there have surely heard the theory that EVERYONE can dress well. Every single body type can be flattered. And the running and beautiful theme of She Wore It Anyways seems to be a simple message: wear what you like and what makes you feel good. So let’s do just that, shall we?

Not feeling up to rocking that scant bikini this summer? No problem. There are so many ways to keep it fashion forward at the pool, without feeling self-conscious or overly exposed. Though I’m a relatively small person, I am somebody’s mama!! And well to be frank, my tummy isn’t something I’m super comfortable showing off these days. Fortunately there are so many swimwear options that offer more coverage than the ole string bikini. And yes, it IS indeed possible to find sexy, flattering one-piece suits that don’t have that clueless “mom” feel.

Years ago when our cute grannies were beachin’ it up, they wore classy looking suits with way more coverage. And they looked hot doing it! So who’s to say we can’t still do that now? Retro swimwear is a great alternative to the hoochymama less-is-more approach. For example, if like myself, you’re not wild about flashing the tummy, try a high-waisted swim bottom. You can still look sexy while feeling secure and comfortably covered.

My dear pal, Lauren Kramer, said she feels more comfortable in her new high-waisted two-piece suit than in a classic bikini. She feels like she can sit down without worrying about the belly pooch most of us have, and she can jump and swim and play hard without concern for coverage issues. Also, what is maintained when your suit has more fabric is a little mystery. You don’t have to show a lot of skin to look super sexy. I’ll say that again. You don’t have to show a lot of skin to look super sexy.

Kramer also has qualms about the way her feet look, so she’s not a big fan of sandals. As a result, she decided to sport her low-profile tennis shoes with her pool attire. In addition to just making her feel more at ease in general, this is a choice that adds a bit of flare to the whole get-up. It’s an unusual and unexpected move that adds personal taste to the outfit.

 IMG_3241 image    photo image-3 image-4  image-2

Kramer’s ensemble includes: swim bottom from Urban Outfitters, bikini top from Target, straw fedora from Target, low-pro tennis shoes from Target, sunglasses from Forever 21, leather cuff bracelet from and ring from Homegrown Silver and Stone.

But let’s face the facts. We all have bits about us we’d change if we could. Still, regardless of your size and shape, you can look like a goddess at the pool or lake. Embrace your inner beach babe, and choose pieces that make you feel good about being you! Jaime recently reminded me of how lovely it is to be an individual. We hope you, our readers, never forget that. You are you. You are beautiful. And no one else can be you. No one.



Can’t go wrong with denim, Right?

Each morning while making Jude breakfast I ask myself, ” What am I going to wear today?” I wish I could say I typically just throw something on and call it a day, but I am not that lucky. The stress of picking out an outfit can be agonizing! So many choices before me, yet I always long for something new and different. If only it were my strength to be resourceful…

I learned while living in Paris to always leave the house dressed to impress. I have also learned through the years that this can be entirely subjective. If an outfit makes YOU feel great about yourself, wear the HELL out of it! Any outfit can be a success if the person wearing it is confident.

I have a confession: I am not always that confident. I texted a picture of my outfit to Jaime this morning seeking her approval. I did not want to leave the house looking like I had voluntarily subjected myself to the fashion police. I am sure a lot of you can relate to this kind of dilemma. I got her approval but as I went through my day I realized that ultimately it should not matter what someone else thinks.

I felt fresh, creative and pretty, and really that is enough for me! But I will say that it makes my heart happy when Jaime compliments me on my choice of attire!

20130508-164403.jpg20130508-164357.jpg 20130508-164350.jpg 20130508-164411.jpg 20130508-164417.jpg

I am wearing >>> Denim shirt from TJ MAX, romper from Target, belt from forever 21, shoes from target, clutch from Banana Republic (Thanks, Ben haha), and ribbon from Blue Skies and the Watch is from fossil (Thanks again, Ben)

So take risks because stepping outside of your comfort zone can give you that layer of confidence you need!





Peach shirt

Oasis jacket
$93 -

Club Manhattan spike jewelry
$26 -

Man ALIVE!! I hate getting dressed for work! Maybe thats because I work from home and sit in my robe most days… but heading out to shoot a wedding I never feel that great about how I look. If you haven’t noticed I LOVE dresses and tons of jewelry, both of which are not ideal for shooting weddings. I also love heels but its just not realistic to wear cute shoes when running around!

Yesterday I met my friend/mentor, Whitney, who is also a wedding photographer and I was going on and on about how I just can not find the right pair of shoes to shoot in. When I first started I would wear my dinky lil’ Old Navy or Target flats. Let me tell you now, those things can’t last a day of wedding photography. I am on my feet for 12+ hours, kneeling, squatting, climbing, rolling on the floor and basically looking like a complete weirdo while trying to get the shot I want. I have moved up to some more supportive less attractive flats from TJ Maxx.

My friend Whitney shoots in Danskos. Which I have been morally opposed to since I first saw the clog like blobbies in high school. I remember them being a big trend for girls at schools with uniforms. I just couldn’t get into it. The other day I tried on a pair and started to wrap my mind around the idea of my body NOT feeling like I was hit by a car the day after a wedding.

Whitney told me that every time she wears her Danskos she tells herself, “She wore it anyways!”

In a dream land I would wear something like I posted above. Strechy pants for rolling around, a flowy top so I could move, earrings with a top bun since rings/necklaces/bracelets never seem to work out, a blazer to profesh it up and I would love for those flats to have medical soles!

I’ll keep you on my search for work shoes that don’t make me roll over in my grave.



P.S. Here are some shots of me shooting a wedding…. Looking like a totally goober!

IMG_8559 IMG_9159 IMG_8886

Elea Mahla - I love this post. I had the same opposition to danskos for my entire first year of teaching. I thought they only belonged in restaurants where no one would see them as they blended into your pants. I will say that in my second year, after many mornings of trying on my old waitressing shoes and deciding against them, I succumbed sometime last semester and now I love them. Sometimes when you’re just dressing for a bunch of teenagers for work you just have to wear it anyways I guess. (And also I find the LEAST offensive way to wear danskos is with lots of black and that’s what you wear for a wedding, yes? You could do them HOT no problem.) xoxo

Andria Swann - No worries gurl! They have come out with some adorable Dansko’s since you were in high school!! I have two pair that are really cute, and COMFY from back in my waitressing days!! Can’t wait to see which style you ROCK!!