If you love the art of dressing the way we do you probably love dancing too! We are so excited for our friends as they launch their new businesses. Honestly we couldn’t think of a better launch party ourselves!

So we will see you on the 15th, be ready to strut your stuff.




Few things make me as happy as a person doing what they love for a living. To top that off Rachel Pepper makes some of the most magical and totally adorable bags I have ever seen! I have worked with her before on one of my wedding styled shoots and even own some of the sandals she used to make. >YUM<

Now Rachel is bringing KiNG FLY to Chattanooga!

Coming out June 1st…striped canvas bags! Handprinted in Rhode Island, handcut and sewn by Rachel. Offered in 4 colors: Geranium, Sea Glass, Nautic Blue, and Ink. They are perfect for a yoga mat, gorcery shopping, fancy picnic or beach trip. They are larger than the leather bags and are washable.

The original KiNGFLY leather bags are 1-of-1, meaning the fabric leather thread combinations are never repeated making each bag exclusively your design. The interiors are made from as much recycled fabric as possible combined with Italian leather, and finished with a handdrawn cellphone pocket on the inside.

Making sure minimal scrap is thrown out all clutches and bizz holders are recycled from the larger bags. The business card holder is also perfect for credit cards and looks just as cute in your pocket as the larger bags do on your shoulder.

Take a moment to look at her online store! 

In preperation for her Chattanooga trunk show we will be giving away one of  her amazing card holders! Details below!

Chattanooga-1 NEWKFLYstripehandmadeKflywallet-1KFLYgreen391734_10102205858304120_619298868_nretro_10_4_12        SummerTour

To win one of these amazing card holders simply just comment below! On June 10th we will be using to select a winner! If you live in Chattanooga you can pick up your prize at the trunk show on June 12th. (Bring a friend, there is wine!) If you are out of town we will mail it to you!


The card holders are perfect for CC and debt cards when you are out on the town and don’t want to carry your entire purse! Or for business cards!




neweyes2 - Way cute! I want one!

nushechka - Cute ! Enter me please

Alex Jump - these are amazing!!! I’d love the red one or the pink one. so girly and adorable.

jaimesmialek - I know she is wonderful! I have a pair of her sandals!

Hannah Baluch - They are gorgeous! She is so talented. pick me!

little knapsack - LOVE these. They are so fabulous and handy. Those leather bags are to die for too.

hh226 (at) msstate (dot) edu

Bethany Ann Burnham - Absolutely fabulous!! So in love! :D

Katie - LOVE LOVE the bags and the card holders! so cute!

Mish Moore - So pretty! I’d love to show one of these lovelies off in Denver!!

Lisa Mcclure - Perfect bags for a quick getaway, love them!!!

babyfashionistas - Oops *business cards ^^

Kara Semtner - She has some adorable designs! It looks like it could fit right in at Merch Northshore!

babyfashionistas - Soo freakin cute!!I’m getting new business so of course I need this!!

Jenny - Cute & functional- love it!

kate hoffmann - fingers crossed. these are adorable.

jaimesmialek - Yes! You should also check out Inks+Threads, one of our bloggers for some scarves! She makes some fun stuff!

jaimesmialek - Yes mam!!!

Viv's mom. - Girl! Yes! Pick me!

Morgan Griggs - I love these and was just talking to a customer today about how I wanted to find a good card carrier to sell!!

pastelhell - thank you, love!

jaimesmialek - You are entered!

jaimesmialek - Check out her online store! She even has shoes…

pastelhell - enter me please! :)

jaimesmialek - Even though you commented twice. You can’t win twice.

Corina - How cute !! Sign me up !

jaimesmialek - I HOPE YOU WIN! hahahahh

jaimesmialek - Giveaways are so fun! I have two more coming up soon!

jaimesmialek - DITTO!!!! Also I hear they are perfect for yoga mats! I am seriously in love.

jaimesmialek - I would love that!

Sara Salyer - These are super great!!!! Can’t wait to see in person and hopefully take one home!

Jessie Bean - I love these so much!! And your blog. We should have a fancy shoes dance party sometime soon.

Deana - Super cute! Can’t wait to see who will be the lucky winner!

recyclehoustonst - I WANT THE GIVEAWAY!!!!!

recyclehoustonst - I WANT THE GIVEAWAY!!!!

Lily - These are so adorable! And I love her bags!


Memorial Day has come and gone, the long weekend has me feeling like I have a hangover at work, even though I don’t drink. A 3-day-weekend-hangover or sunburn lethargy? One or the other … Why aren’t 3 day weekends the norm? I can totally get into that weekly schedule, though my work might get fed up with the Tuesday distractions. But alias … we work 5 days a week, at least most of us. I share an office with 3 guys. They could careless about my weekly outfits, in fact I often wear a daily uniform. I live to dress for the weekend. Like most gals, I save my favorite pieces for the weekend and long weekends only give way to more fashionably opportunities. Here is one of summer time favorite combos – high waist denim shorts, vintage crop top, and the obligatory scarf.

2013-05-05 20.23.37 2013-05-05 20.25.20 2013-05-05 20.24.40 2013-05-05 20.24.27

Wearing: American Apparel denim high waist shorts, vintage top found on etsy, shoes and belt thrifted, inks+thread Luca scarf.



jaimesmialek - Thank you! Thanks for reading!

BeingZhenya - I love these shorts!
Great outfit!

Bossy on a budget

If I know anything all too well, it’s a courtesy “Low balance threshold” e-mail from Bank of America.

I just recently found myself in the broke post grad moving back in with your parents stage of life, and with a big move to Chicago looming over my head (and bank account) it’s safe to say i’ve recently fallen under a boderline impossible spending freeze. But like….you can’t expect me to not buy new clothes though right? RIGHT?! So what’s a She to do stuck in the rock and hhhaaaarrrddd place that is life on a budget?


Jaime and I pride ourselves on being hunters and gatherers when it comes to fashion. We will pillage a thrift store in record time. Like a sudden plague of locusts leaving entire towns barren of all former life, so are we to floor length velvet dresses and 14XL women’s blouses. There is a sense of pride and global dominance coming out of a thrift store after finding the PERFECT boxy silk tee and sequin shorts with matching vest (and you know damn well no other betty is going to be out there trying to play “Who wore it best” with you at your local bar, because that shit is one of a kind)

However, there is a fatal flaw in this whole thrift store gold mine scenario. Sure I love a loud resort wear print skirt as much as the next gal, but does it really need to go to the floor? And yes, I understand that a high waisted mom butt sear sucker pant is a bit excessive. But really, what is a high waisted mom butt pant but a high waisted mom butt daisy duke waiting to happen? What i’m getting at here is that sometimes you gotta get creative babe. So cut it, hem it, twist it, rip it, or just F’N WEAR IT ANYWAYS!

And with that, I bring you Thrifty Thursday


IMG_9258 IMG_9260 IMG_9262 IMG_9263

These are destined for dukes (check back later for results)

Lounging by the pool at noon with a martini in hand and cigar in mouth


Take me to your nearest modern art exhibit please sir

IMG_9268 IMG_9270 IMG_9272 IMG_9276 IMG_9277 IMG_9281 IMG_9283 IMG_9289 IMG_9292 IMG_9294 IMG_9296 IMG_9299 IMG_9305   IMG_9347 IMG_9315 IMG_9316 IMG_9318 IMG_9322 IMG_9324 IMG_9327 IMG_9329 IMG_9331 IMG_9334 IMG_9337 IMG_9338 IMG_9344   IMG_9345 IMG_9348

Eating my words.

A few years ago a friend of mine showed me these designer shoes she LOVED… I couldn’t have been less excited about them. They were wedge high top sneakers and I thought they look like medical shoes. Since the shoes were ridiculously expensive they weren’t headed for her closet anytime soon. Months later NineWest came out with a pair of the wedged high tops in black and white for only $88. Though they were impossible to track down anywhere in the U.S. we magically found a pair in her size at the Zappo’s clearance center on the way to the Kentucky Derby.

Since then I have grown fonder and fonder of the once ‘medical’ sneaker. The other day I was in Rugged Warehouse and I was faced with a pair. All grey, my size $15. I walked a lap in the shoes and thought. “Am I really about to buy a shoe I so mercilessly made fun of?”

Sure was.

So here I am eating my words from a few years ago, WEARING THEM ANYWAYS!

Honestly I have only worn them three times but I love them and I think they may end up being a pair of summer ‘go-to’s!

IMG_8216 IMG_8227 IMG_8235 IMG_8240 IMG_8246 IMG_8247 IMG_8250 IMG_8259 IMG_8263 IMG_8277

I am wearing>>> off brand shoes from Rugged Warehouse, F21 jeans, spoon ring by Matt Nooga, top from F21, cardigan from Francesca’s, and necklace from a little store in San Francisco!

Now here is my friend Katrine, the epideme of style and class! This broad is one of my favorites. I was so happy to have the honor of shooting some style shots of her while I was in Kentucky last week. I was with her when she purchased these fabulous mint Gap jeans the day after Christmas… but she had yet to wear them! SERIOUSLY!

Here she is, breaking out of her comfort zone and totally owning pastels!


IMG_8114 IMG_8123 IMG_8118    IMG_8128    IMG_8135 IMG_8144 IMG_8172 IMG_8177 IMG_8185 IMG_8180 IMG_8181    IMG_8188 IMG_8191 IMG_8193   IMG_8187 IMG_8197 IMG_8203

Katrine is wearing>>> Gap Jeans, J.Crew button up, Urban Outfitters boots, stud earrings from Francesca’s and purse Marc by Marc Jacobs.


All that to say… don’t put yourself in a box. You may hate something now that you will love later. You may love something, then hate it, then love it again!

We are not all the different, in fact we are mostly the same.