It’s not that I have a personal vendetta against string bikinis and modern swim wear in general, it’s just that I feel like they’re out to destroy me and my self esteem.

If anyone knows me they know I’m a ride or die bitch in the name of nostalgia. And what better a cure to the whole “does this tube top make my weird shoulder/armpit intersection roll look fat” predicament than an epic swimsuit ball gown of yesteryear? And regardless of if we want to believe it or not, our grandmothers wore it better.

Listen if you are one of those girls that can successfully rock an itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini without a stitch of self loathing and crash dieting, then I salute you (you bitch). But I for one cannot get on board with the whole “less is more” thing in regards to my swim wear. I’m not implying that you SHOULD feel uncomfortable in a bikini, or anything for that matter, but why pay $60 for a piece of fabric to cover only the bare necessities when you could just raid your meme’s closet and look epic for free? If given the opportunity to wear a waterproof(ish) fit and flare mini dress with a plunging back line as opposed to waterproof underwear meant for a 9 year old, ill pick the flare any day!

These fine ladies allowed me to take a few moments out of their very busy, very tan vacation time to model some of the most nostalgic swimwear we could could get our hands on (I mean Mickey Mouse? REALLY?!). And boy did they deliver, I genuinely can’t tell if these are my friends or pin ups from the glory days.

So all in all, as I type this nautical pep talk while my shoulders burn to a crisp poolside, wear what makes you feel bossy, apply sunscreen , and thank your grandmothers for blazing the path so that you may prosper.

20130608-134616.jpg 20130608-134624.jpg 20130608-134642.jpg 20130608-134648.jpg 20130608-134653.jpg 20130608-134703.jpg 20130608-134713.jpg 20130608-134739.jpg 20130608-134749.jpg 20130608-134755.jpg 20130608-134803.jpg 20130608-134809.jpg 20130608-134822.jpg 20130608-134830.jpg 20130608-134909.jpg 20130608-134921.jpg 20130608-134932.jpg 20130608-134943.jpg 20130608-134954.jpg 20130608-134959.jpg 20130608-135011.jpg 20130608-135022.jpg 20130608-135106.jpg 20130608-135113.jpg 20130608-135123.jpg 20130608-135129.jpg 20130608-135136.jpg 20130608-135153.jpg 20130608-135202.jpg 20130608-135147.jpg 20130608-135446.jpg 20130608-135517.jpg 20130608-135524.jpg 20130608-135532.jpg












Keep it ill.

Sondra - I want to go swimming now! You guys look hot!

Morgan Griggs - Growing up on the coast of Virgina in the 70′s, my grandparents had a pool and threw a 4th of July party every year, I was obsessed with all the older ladies and their swim dresses of the past. It really led to my obsession with all things vintage. Don’t even get me started on their sandals and bathing caps, to die for.

BeingZhenya - Nice! I really like the MM swimsuit and the pictures of you “mooning” the ocean!

GIVEAWAY >>> inks+thread


Amidst rain storm threats this past Sunday, Jaime and I found a quick second to meet up and catch up. Naturally, a SWIA shoot came about. Here I am wearing a vintage midi length dress – for which I have developed a keen obsession. They take on a vintage sentiment that I am drawn too. Amongst some crowds these days, the midi length dress might look frumpy or conservative – show some skin right?!? But in the 1940′s Coco Chanel modernized the skirt length by shortening it a few scandalous inches. By the 1960′s, the midi was out and the mini was in. However , I think it is about time we showed off our ankles with the midi.

Continue scrolling and you’ll find about our inks+thread giveaway.







Wore: Midi Dress from vintage store, Scarf worn as belt found at Paris Flea Market, Shoes also vintage.


Here it is. The oversized Girlies Bandana from inks+thread. This playful pattern was created in collaboration with Beca Lewis of Tumbleweeds HandCraft. It is 36 by 36 inches and made of 100% cotton. Beca painted a gang of girls that anyone would wanna hang with. This muilti-purpose piece is a textile so use your imagination: tablecloth, tapestry, scarf …

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is ONE of the following:

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****A second one will be given away by inks+thread. All you have to do is like inks+thread on facebook.

Winners will be announced Wednesday June 12th so get to sharing, liking, following, or commenting!!

IMG_9981 IMG_9983








sabitha - oh my God, me stupid!!! missed it!

Melanie mayo - Before I could even notice the gorgeous scarf, Margaret’s beauty stunned me like a ray gun. Drop dead. Then that amazing ethereal scarf stole my attention- it’s so lovely and I want it so badly!

Laura - Maggie looks amazing! As usual!

pastelhell - beautiful clothing! :D

Sara Salyer - I love this sweet collaboration of scarfs! You ladies are so talented!!!!!

Elizabeth @ The Dapper Paper Co. - love that midi. it actually looks so current, like something from Need Supply. And the scarf is quirky and cute, so fun.

Hannah Baluch - I die! Love it!

Rachel F. - man oh man, do i love scarves! really adorable design by ink + thread (which would fit quite well in my scarf collection, might i add), and snazzy (as always) photography to boot! i always enjoy seeing the new outfits posted – fashion inspiration at its finest.

Sarah - What a fun bandana. Cute outfit too. :)


After 10 weeks of slicking my hair back on one side I finally walked in front of an airplane propeller and got that shit CHOPED OFF> well I actually had it buzzed at Dream Hair Salon by the ever so talented Kristen Morton. I couldn’t be happier.

The way I think and feel about dressing and styling has a very strong dichotomy. On one hand its my favorite hobby, its a bit of a passion and takes up a good part of my time. I did my senior project in college on creating your image. I have dissected what it means to me to create myself. I am strong believer that you can not simply write me off as superficial because of my love for style and fashion. I am very aware of the meaning and message I give off, the message I create and also the one you are putting out. Sometimes its confusing for me that other people are so disconnected from how the way they look says something.

At the exact same time I really know it doesn’t matter.

None of it matters. My hair, my clothes, style choices carry so little meaning in the realm of the universe and eternity.

I think thats why I feel so free to ‘wear it anyways.’ I know that mixing patterns and cutting up vintage clothes are simply fun. Honestly I am sure a lot of people think I am an idiot… jokes on them. I know the way I look has little weight with the things that do matter. I could be wrong but my 27 years on this planet have shown me that the only thing of true value are the human relationships we have. My friends and loved ones give my life value. More than that, my effect on those around me means much more than any pair of Mui Mui glitter booty! (well…)

All of that to say for me style is a form of art. Though I have never especially felt like my hair was art until now. The long part is so pretty and feminine. The shaved part has this exposed feeling and message. The short hair says the long part doesn’t matter. The value that the beautiful part adds to me is wonderful but is totally futile.

It’s exactly how I have always felt about hair and clothes. It’ exterior. So fun and wonderful but not nearly as important as everyone makes it out to be. I am not my hair. I am not my clothes. I feel liberated to express myself through them but I also know that they can not define me. The shaved part devalues everything superficial, while creating a bit of a sex symbol out the raw and natural.

I feel like a billboard for self acceptance.


There were also big hair changes for Heidi and Katelynd yesterday. I ombred Heidi’s hair and she decided to try out a center part for the summer! Katelynd wanted to do the pinkish purple on her bangs like she’s done before. Well…. I picked up the wrong bottle of purple so she is now rocking out with a magical cotton candy blue bang. Yummy! 20130605-150357.jpg

Then we met up with Lindsey to try out TeraMae, a beautiful Appalachian Bistro connected to Stone Fort Inn. I was ver impressed. 20130605-150407.jpg








High waisted that is.

What does it take for a short and moderately reserved woman, like myself, to make a grand entrance? I cannot say it enough ladies: CONFIDENCE. The second thing is wearing the right outfit that brings out your personality.

Here is what I have accepted about myself: Yes, I am petite. No, I do not have much of a waist, but does that mean I cannot make myself look and feel taller? Absolutely not!

One of the greatest things about being small is having the ability to rock the high waisted look. You can ask anyone who knows me well that ninety-seven percent of the jeans, skirts, and shorts hanging in my closet are ALL high waisted.

High waisted bottoms make my legs appear longer and therefore I seem less vertically challenged -that is always a good thing, as far as I am concerned. They also help create curves for someone like me who was blessed with a boy’s body type.


IMG_9749 IMG_9761 IMG_9755 IMG_9745IMG_9757 IMG_9753

IMG_9763IMG_9772 IMG_9767IMG_9770 IMG_9769

So, ladies, the next time you set off on another shopping spree, be sure to try this look out. Right now Fredonia on Market Street has some great high waisted bottoms that are waiting to be worn by YOU!



jaimesmialek - They are Dolce Vita knock offs by Target!!!!

Morgan Griggs - Sarah, DAMN STRAIGHT!!

Sienna - Where are those amazing wedges from?!

Sarah Johnson - I bought these jeans from Morgan, and I LOVE them. A guy friend told me that I was wearing “grandma” jeans. I just laughed at him, because I knew that I looked great and felt great!



Have you been yet?

Have you met the mastermind behind it all, Morgan?

She moved here from Austin, TX  and before that she lived in Asheville, NC. Morgan is just the person you want dressing you. Few people are so easy to talk to and have such great taste. You should check out Fredonia across from the Chattanooga Choo Choo on Market Street but be sure to chat it up with Morgan!

IMG_9815IMG_9829 IMG_9838 IMG_9840IMG_9795IMG_9831IMG_9810IMG_9836 IMG_9826 IMG_9839

Fredonia has a nice mix of styles while bringing a fresh look to Chattanooga. I especially enjoy some of the jewelry. YUM! Jenna and I had the pleasure of hanging out with Morgan and playing dress up. Jenna’s style has a pretty tailored and polished look so it was fun to pick out a more bohemian look for her!

IMG_9777 IMG_9790IMG_9783IMG_9785 IMG_9779

How fun are these shorts??!?!?! Oh my word! They look like a skirt with layers of lace but are actually shorts! Talk about safety!

IMG_9791 IMG_9775 IMG_9781 IMG_9786 IMG_9823

About Fredonia >>>

“Proud to be locally owned and operated in Chattanooga’s Southside, Fredonia is a destination for women of all ages and tastes to explore, discover and enhance their personal style. Our goal is to help you build an affordable, stylish wardrobe reflecting your personality and lifestyle. With a thoughtfully chosen collection of unique accessories, signature pieces and basics from which to build, Fredonia can help you look and feel your best. Let us show you how effortless looking put together can be.”

Check out Fredonia on >>>




Their hours are >>>

Tue – Thu: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Sun: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Happy shopping ladies



Channing M Gibson - What great coverage, pictures an comments about the new shop. Morgan has worked hard to create a fun and stylish place to shop for all ages and tastes. While you are there, stop for a minute and talk to her. She will engage you in great conversation and help you pick just the right thing for your taste. She is charming, smart, creative and beautiful. I should know-I am her proud Mom!!! Thanks for the great blog-