This post has been in the draft box for quite some time. I’ve been trying to think about what to write to accompany these outstanding images Jaime captured of Dave. At first I was going to write something funny about how I nominate and award best dressed dude/gentleman/rockstar/human being in Chattanooga/the world to Dave Griffis. The more I thought about it the more I realized that doesn’t really come close to giving Dave/the pictures the credit they deserve.

dave-1 dave-2 Dave and I have been friends for about four years. I don’t really remember the evolution of our friendship, just the day I met him and then the next day when he was my best friend. It’s really difficult for me to make new friends because I get uncomfortably shy and say strange things and come across as too abrasive. Thankfully Dave is one of those people that will just accept you for exactly who you are and seems to have unending room in his heart for new friends. When we first became friends Dave would walk across the street from his house to my front porch where we would sit for hours and listen to music and would let me complain about absolute nonsense and sit patiently, taking in my utter madness with complete sincerity and concern. He would later move in to said house where I would continue to violate his privacy and he would borrow my clothes.  dave-3 dave-4 dave-5 dave-6 dave-7 dave-8 dave-9 dave-10 dave-11 dave-12 dave-13 dave-14 dave-15 dave-16 dave-17 dave-18 I remember one time when I was having a particularly terrible and stressful week at school, I came home from work to find one of my favorite drinks that has all these silly herbs and whatnot in it to “calm your mind” on my bed with a note from Dave telling me everything was going to be okay and wishing me a better day. Another time him and Kirk Ellis woke me up with breakfast in bed for no reason at all. That’s just the kind of dude Dave is. He will go to a Neutral Milk Hotel concert with you and let you pick where to stand, he will buy tickets weeks in advance to see Jeff Mangum perform in Athens and then when you’re 20 minutes away from the concert you accidentally run over an 18 wheeler tire and wreck your car he wont even tell you how upset he is about missing the concert or make you feel guilty about it, he’ll decorate your house for a surprise birthday party, he’ll offer you the simplest and best advice when you’re struggling with your faith without even realizing it. He’s one of those people that will allow you to be sad when you need to be sad, and will snap you out of it when it’s time to get the hell over it. I have always envied Dave’s style because it just seems so effortless. He doesn’t spend large sums of money on the perfect pants, or follow style blogs to seek the newest trends, or ponder the ramifications of wearing women’s harem pants in public. Most of his clothes are hand me downs or thrift store finds. He wears what he thinks is cool and makes him feel good and doesn’t give a fuck about anything further than that. dave-19 dave-20 dave-21 dave-22 dave-23 dave-24 dave-25 dave-26 dave-27  He takes cues from things that give him pleasure and inserts them into his wardrobe and isn’t concerned about looking silly or taking it too far. To me, that makes him a pioneer. I think we could all take a few pages out of Dave’s book. So many times I find myself wondering if a dress is too form fitting, or if an outfit is “impressive enough” to show snobby coffee drinkers at snobby coffee shops that I too am snobby and I too was really affected by The Stranger the first time I read it…but like in a cool way. Dave’s hair is different now than it was in these pictures. Currently it’s shaved on the side and long enough to put in a top bun but short enough to leave a few chunks of hair around is neck and face (one of which he likes to keep braided). Oh and it’s blue. What i’m getting at is that it’s probably the coolest thing i’ve ever seen. It’s funny because no one gives less of a shit than Dave, but at the same time no one cares more. He doesn’t care about what you think of him or how he looks to you or the day to day vanity that so many of us get caught up in, but he does care about your heart. I think it’s important to constantly tell your friends how you admire them and how they affect your life. dave-28

At least in my life, if it weren’t for my friends i’d be somewhere in Iceland knitting the worlds largest sweater rendering me incapable of ever leaving the house to check up on the three sheep I own. So, thanks Dave. Thanks for wearing Cosby sweaters with the neck cut out, sitting in my passenger seat during long drives into Georgia, and being the dopest dude that I ever did meet.


Go love on your pals today y’all!



It’s not corny

I have been wearing a lot of black lately.

So many things have been changing in my life the past few months and I think I didn’t realize they were affecting me until I noticed that….I have been wearing a lot of black lately.

If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you that the thing Katelynd Frierson fears and loathes the most is change. My disdain for change is equal in my disdain for getting “stuck”, which keeps me in this strange limbo of exploding, waiting until all the debris has almost settled, and then exploding again. I move around a lot. I change my hair a lot. I keep the same four people close to me and everyone else at a distance. I wear the same necklace every day.

I have made a commitment to Nashville. I have to be here for at least two more years finishing up school. I have to constantly tell myself that this is my home and I have made a commitment to this home. I will not abandon this home. I will suck the marrow from this home. I will be present in this home. Being present has always been a struggle for me. My anxiety lends itself to a constant fear of the future. A note that I always got in my theatre classes at the Professional Actors Training Program was that I never allowed myself to be exactly where I was. I was ashamed of where I was and combated that with focusing on the future. The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a punch in the gut for my comfort zone. With Jaime visiting Paris I just couldn’t help but be taken back to my experience in Paris. Sitting at the base of the Eiffel Tower as it bathed itself in glittering lights, I realized for the first time that moments come and go, life ebbs and flows, people live and die, and the only thing I can do about it is be so fucking present in it. I woke up. I opened my eyes and fell in love with the universe. As Patti Smith once said, “it’s not fucking corny”. It’s not fucking corny because it’s fucking real. It hurts. It tickles. It surprises you. It lets you down. Unfortunately in the past couple of months I have drifted away from that memory. I fell back into my anxious and distant patterns.

A classmate of mine at PATP was killed in a car crash yesterday. We weren’t very close, but we were classmates and we shared our art together. He was one of those people that created joy. He was the type of person that affected people and allowed people to affect him. Nothing wakes you up more violently than realizing your own mortality. So here I am. Thinking about Paris. Thinking about another light blown out unexpectedly. Wearing all black. It seems the only options are to appreciate all the love and tragedy that has occurred up until this moment and be changed by it, or to close my eyes and wait for the debris to settle. When you’re depressed nothing feels harder than picking yourself up, acknowledging the experience you’re having right this very moment, and deciding to allow joy to plant a seed in your heart.

So right now, I am wearing black. Right now I feel uncomfortable in Nashville. Right now I want to crawl back into bed. Right now I have made a decision to allow myself to be affected by life. Right now I feel thankful for the things going on in my life that are out of my control. Right now, I love you.

“The coming and going of things. Sit down. Fall in love. Bask in it. Weigh the pros and cons. Lose interest. Retrospect. Have regrets. Compare what we have to what we’ve lost, where we are to where we’ve been, where we think we ought to be to where will be. Get up. The world keeps spinning.” -an excerpt from the journal I kept in Paris



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Maureen Frierson - Hey kiddo ….black marks you look skinny …..and those shoes look soooo comfortable…and you are dearly loved by soooo many … Aunt Dot gave us something to carry us thru ….”This too shall pass !!!”…. Trust me it is sooo true ….all you have to do is HOLD ON till then xxxxx

Sophia Burke - Love this. Thank you for sharing this.

Jordan Jesus Tiger - Love the post. Wear that black as long as you need to, love.


She is fierce and she is unapologetic. She doesn’t feel the need to judge you, or put you in a box or have an opinion about your life. Do you understand how rare and special that is?

I am regularly humbled by her “but who are you?” attitude. Who are any one of us to be making decisions or having opinions about the other when we are all just figuring this shit out. She is a scholar in her own right. Studying people and places and taking every little bit in. A connoisseur of lace and finer things in life. While simultaneously caring so deeply and having some much empathy for people most of us overlook. She is fully concerned with matters of the heart and regularly inthralled by all things floral.

SWIA and my life would not be the same with out her. She has seen me through the darkest and stormiest of days. She is an unyielding inspiration to us all. Her trumpet clearly sounds the songs of self love, acceptance, equality and empowerment. When you are on a journey and you realize you are figuring it out as you go. When you come to understand that you have no way of knowing exactly what the future holds. That’s when you need a friend of this sort. Of this caliber. Someone who is filled with love, support and loyalty for the people she holds dear.

It is a true honor and pleasure to call Katelynd Marie Frierson my best friend.


katelynd-1 katelynd-2 katelynd-3 katelynd-4 katelynd-5 katelynd-6 katelynd-7 katelynd-8 katelynd-9 katelynd-10 katelynd-11 katelynd-12 katelynd-13 katelynd-14 katelynd-15 katelynd-16 katelynd-17 katelynd-18 katelynd-19 katelynd-20 katelynd-21 katelynd-22 katelynd-23 katelynd-24 katelynd-25 katelynd-26 katelynd-27 katelynd-28 katelynd-29 katelynd-30

Elizabeth Lawrensen - WHOA the slightly darker lit photos in this set are stunning. especially the silhouetted profile that is something like 11 photos from the top.

Margot Meanie - That was a beautiful tribute!



Oh heeeeeeeyyyy ya’ll!

A lot has changed since we last spoke. I got my first ever pair of chelsea boots. Jaime got a bed. Milton switched hair products……..aannnnnddd…….OH YEAH Jaime and I moved to Nashville!

Being a part was just too impossible, I mean how are we expected to share closets when we’re 500 miles away from each other?

Not for us.

So, we moved the party to east Nashville and have kinda just been killin it ever since. And by “killin it” I mean shuffling various house plants from one corner of a room to another and watching The OC until we fall asleep on the couch.

A couple days ago I was doing what I always do when extremely busy and loaded with responsibility, I went shopping. Flush with the sensation of newly deposited student loans, I waltzed into Urban Outfitters and began the hunt. I found some gems (one being the grey long sleeved masterpiece in the pictures), but unfortunately I could not afford to gather all the loose fitting, sheer, wide knit garments in my hands and bring them home with me where they belong. Why? Why couldn’t I afford it? Maybe i’m poor, and maybe it has something to do with the fact that A FUCKING T-SHIRT IS $394! I know this isn’t new news, i’m not solving world hunger over here or anything, but….what the hell? A shredded pair of ill fitting black jeans for $140? Get outta here. Jaime and I saw right through that ponzi scheme and marched our happy asses to Goodwill.

I picked up these pants for $7.49, came home and watched a few youtube videos on shredding jeans, and a few snips and rips (and finger cuts), and thus a masterpiece was born. All I did was slice the jeans with the scissors and then rub them (and my knee cap) with a cheese grater.

shredded-1 shredded-2 shredded-3 shredded-4 shredded-5 shredded-6 shredded-7 shredded-8 shredded-9 shredded-14shredded-10 shredded-18shredded-11 shredded-16shredded-12 shredded-15shredded-13 shredded-17


Honestly ladies, it was the easiest $132.51 cents i’ve ever saved in my entire life. I always see super crafty girls making magic out of mayhem on things like Pinterest and get a little down on myself thinking “well shit…I could do that” but then never follow through. Now here I sit, a crafty woman with some shredded fucking jeans.

Ladies, just get up and do it. Put that debit card back in your wallet and pull out the cheese grater. Watch your knee caps and get weird with it. Shredding season is upon us, go forth and concur!!

in love and tatters,


JStar Steele - You guys crack me lol

Rebecca Barron - Y’all look hot. Love it.

Katie Carrico - UH-MAZING!

Megan Hollenbeck - LOVE IT!


20140717-131450-47690124.jpgI travel a good bit. Always for work. I always manage to tack on a few days here, or a week there, to enjoy a new place but I always manage to bog myself down with stuff. So much stuff.

Not this time ladies and gents! I packed for 7 day trip to NYC and the Hamptons in a back pack.

Here are my 3 tips for packing light and galavanting more!


1) FUCK THE WHAT IFS. A wise Instagram post once said

No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future.

When I packed my bag this time around I left the ‘what ifs’ for birds. I packed the very very basics. Any situation I ran into that I wasn’t perfectly prepared for… I would survive. Often when picking outfits for my travels I couldn’t imagine not having options. The idea of knowing exactly what I would wear the entire trip was nauseating. My outfits always reflect my mood and I love the creative muscle I flex to throw an outfit together. Well not this time.

I packed 4 dresses, a vest, sleep shirt, booties, heels and sandals.

And I ended up not even wearing the red dressy dress! Or the pink heels!


I am big on impressions. Give me a once over and you could probably know a good bit about me. But as Tyler Durden says, “we are the all singing, all dancing, crap of the world.” And what better city than NYC to help us understand just how small we are? When I am traveling I don’t always know exactly what I am going to be doing. I worry so much that when going to a party or dinner that maybe I am not wearing my best outfit. I want everyone to see me at my best and I usually feel like I could if done better if I just had my closet. If only I had packed more options.

Well fuck it! Who gives a fuck. I gave myself permission to be good enough this time around. Which in turn opened me up to less worry, more experiences and enjoying myself.


I think we all love our stuff just a little too much. After a year of living with two boys who own very little things I have learned to see the value in less. On this trip not only did I prove to myself that I really don’t need much ‘stuff’ to enjoy my trip but I also experienced the magic of being able to move through the city easily. Most of my trip I carried my back pack with me which meant I could go across town and see where the night would leave me without worrying about my bag. When it comes down to it the life experience is important than they way I look when I have it.

I had an absolute blast in the city and out in the Hamptons!

I am not sure I will ever travel any other way!




We really did think we were doing it in the right order.


So much steeze in one couple.


We got the stud memo.


Lovely hosts on the Lower East Side.


My little family all in the big city together. The weather was perfect to walk the High Line Park.


Beach day! My first day out on Long Island near the Hamptons!

20140717-131151-47511074.jpg20140717-131449-47689322.jpg 20140717-131057-47457808.jpg


20140717-131449-47689011.jpg 20140717-131448-47688438.jpg