Arriving back to Chattanooga I feel solid ground under my feet again. Like Katelynd said in her Hello for SHEKAGO post, sometimes you have to do something that scares the shit out of you. I have been so excited to attend BLOGSHOP Nashville but come Thursday evening I realized I had no idea what I was getting into. I quickly cleaned up my room, threw some clothes in a bag and updated my Photoshop. Friday I went to Nashville a little early to shop, it always calms me but not this time. I bought nothing. YOU KNOW I had to be out of sorts to buy anything… Saturday morning I woke up at 5:00 am in sheer panic that I had missed my class! haha!

I think there is a level of not knowing that goes from exciting adventure to what the hell am I doing. I went there quick! Turns out all of my worry and stress was for nothing. I learned so much this weekend and met some really amazing ladies.

Here is a review of my weekend in photos.

20130819-120936.jpgIMG_0150 20130819-124017.jpg IMG_0166IMG_016720130819-120816.jpg

IMG_017020130819-120807.jpg20130819-121138.jpg20130819-121019.jpg20130819-121026.jpgIMG_016920130819-121033.jpg20130819-121121.jpg 20130819-120855.jpg 20130819-120911.jpgIMG_016820130819-121144.jpg20130819-121150.jpg20130819-121155.jpg20130819-121201.jpg20130819-121115.jpg 20130819-120946.jpg

20130819-121001.jpg 20130819-121208.jpg 20130819-121219.jpg




20130819-120953.jpg 20130819-121225.jpg20130819-120755.jpg

Go here to learn more about BLOGSHOP or to see what Bri is up to check out DESIGN LOVE FEST.





On Tuesday my dear friend Emily Chidalek came in to visit me after working a stint in a summer stock theatre in Nebraska. We hadn’t seen each other  in 3 months and, let me tell you, the reunion was sweet.

After a long night of drinks, $2 tacos, trying to explain our love for Ann Law to our friend James, and giggles in bed till 4am, we woke up the next morning and got to work.

There’s a thrift store just a block or two away from my apartment that I have been dying to pick to the bones, and Emily was just the lady for the job. We got in, divided, and concurred. Emily reported back with the weirdest short sleeve men’s button down and floral printed denim pants I ever did see (that may or may not have been missing a button), and while I must admit a tinge of jealousy I did not walk out empty handed. In my possession I currently have 1) a tan floral embroidered chunky grandma sweater and 2) an OVER sized gold glitter Whitney Huston inspired knit top.
Riding on the tidal wave of glory and floral print patterns we neglected to realize that said thrift store  is, as so many Chicago establishments tend to be, cash only. Emily and I, being from the “plastic” generation, were completely unprepared for this. Rather than leave these treasures behind we emptied out every nook and cranny of our grossly unorganized purses and began to rally every coin or crumpled up dollar we could muster. After about eight minutes of coin collecting we had gathered all we could find, and I was still ¢61 short.
Just as I was about to take to the streets with an empty Dunkin’ Doughnuts cup and and sob story about how my entire wardrobe had been burned in a fire and “for just ¢61 YOU SIR could clothe the poor”, a strapping young fella came to our rescue from across the store with a crumpled up dollar and kind smile.

  IMG_0692 IMG_0683 IMG_0695 IMG_0681 IMG_0690 IMG_0685 IMG_0691 IMG_0684 IMG_0686 IMG_0680 IMG_0677

We made it home with just enough time for Emily to show off her new purchase in a little shoot on my back porch. Of course, just enough time turned into too much playing around and after running 3 blocks in the wrong direction and 7 blocks in the correct direction Emily missed her train and I had 4 new blisters. Alas, CITY LIVING.
It is with great pleasure, and mild confusion, that I give unto thee “What the Hell Wednesday”. We wore what we wanted, most of it didn’t make sense, but we sure as hell felt cool and that’s good enough for me.






Who doesn’t love a good hat. I personally have a wall in my room covered in hats. Being from Kentucky my family holds the Kentucky Derby in very high regards. You could say its more important than Christmas in my neck of the woods. Along with Derby comes big hats. Amazing hats. Knock you over (literally) when you pass by hats. So I love hats. When my outfit is just a little drab I am quick to grab a hat or head scarf. When my hair is just a little less ‘wow’ a hat always seems to cover that up. (get it) And when I just don’t have the energy to wash my hair, I throw it up on the top of my hard and wrap a scarf around it. Its like the peacock fanning his feather to distract you from the mess.

Sunday evening I had the pleasure of working with Maggie of Inks+Thread. We have featured her scarves on here before and consider her one of our main SHES. We got to together to take some bridal portraits, just for fun and to show off the new floral creations she is making. After we were done she suggested we snap a few photos for SWIA>>> Though I was disgusting from the swampy August air, I gave in. Turned out we were both topping it off! Check out Maggie’s hat and my little head band. To see her floral creations go here and the bridal shoot go here!

IMG_7414 IMG_7418 IMG_7419 IMG_7420 IMG_7421 IMG_7424 IMG_7428 IMG_7429 IMG_7434 IMG_7441 IMG_7447 IMG_7451 IMG_7453 IMG_7457 IMG_7458 IMG_7460 IMG_7467 IMG_7468 IMG_7472 IMG_7478 IMG_7484

Happy hump y’all!




Needless to say I am a cuuuuuuurvvvyyyy girl. Tailored clothing rarely doesn anything for my figure and button up shirts do everything but stay buttoned! I was once in Walmart shopping and every single employee asked if I needed help finding anything. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what had gotten in the water. Then I realized my nice collared shirt was completely unbuttoned. Whoops.

I love the men’s wear look on ladies. My friend Heidi especially. She has a fun way of playing with color while wearing classic cuts. For me, yesterday was totally unintentional. Then my friend Kassidy sent a picture of her adorable Men’s Wear Monday look and I thought well…. me too! I was wearing cow boy boots, a chambray and bow tie(of sorts). Here is Kassidy being a total babe!


I cant’t get enough of her mixing patterns and fun color pop with that yellow blouse. Also please note that yummy over sized watch!






So ladies, no matter what your shape or size, take a chance and play with a little men’s wear. Also if you are ever just totally rocking out a look you love, SEND IT OUR WAY! She Wore It Anyways is for everyone. Thanks again to Kassidy for strutting your stuff!




jaimesmialek - Sadly, no. Its just metalic. I got it for like $5 at F21. It’s a personal fav. I can’t wait for you to visit in January… So many clothing treasures for you to check out… and borrow!

Rachael Rennekamp - i want your skirt…. is it sequined?