Few things make me as happy as something I already love trending. I wore overalls all through high school even though it was far from cool. I loved my overalls through college though I think most people on campus thought I was working for the grounds department. Now a days I wear my over all cutoffs for work when I do commercial production design. They are the ultimate in modesty and versatility. There is no other item of woman’s clothing with as many pockets and as I mentioned in my last post I love to wear an outfit that is borderline a costume. Ha!  IMG_3900 IMG_3933 IMG_3901 IMG_3934IMG_3927 IMG_3929 IMG_3909 IMG_3903   IMG_3932 IMG_3928   IMG_3937

My overalls are from ASOS, shirt from a friend, triangle necklace from Nasty Gal, crystal necklace from Swarovski (a gift for graduation college), sunnies from F21, and my new favorite shoes… HAS BEENS!

So get your overall overhaul on. Your vagina will feel so safe.




Maggie Pate - That second “you” was intended to be a “to”

See what overalls do to me!

Maggie Pate - You know I love me some overalls. Might just have to wear mine you your fall fling Sunday!

jaimesmialek - Thanks so much!

Sarmistha Goswami - Love the way you are pulling off the denim over all. The shoes are so lovely and your poses are so full of fun and energy! Simple love the photo shoot :) thanks for sharing :)
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Yesterday was Katelynd’s birthday and we were 601 miles apart…. Today is my love Heidi’s birthday and we just killed brunch. (Then we got gelato.)  This time every year my heart almost explodes I am so thankful for two beautiful and strong women in my life. Not only are they tried and true friends, they amazing artists but total style icons. Today I am shooting a wedding so I will be wearing dress pants and a nice blouse… but yesterday I went balls to wall with my 90′s grunge to celebrate the two most magical bird dayz around. I’ve come to the realization that I feel best when dressed in an outfit that could almost be a costume. I love going all out for a look but more than anything I love getting it just right and then messing it up a little. Few things erk me more than an outfit too perfectly put together.

I live life in these clothes and I like that to show.

Thank you Joe Dodd for the magical photos.  Check out his work, I promise its something you need to do.


Dress from America’s Thrift, Boots from F21, Triangle necklace from Nasty  Gal, Sunnies from F21 and crystal necklace made by my friend Holly. Check out more of her work on Instagram @babe_rahamlincoln

Go chase light y’all!



Bey Bey’s B-Day


Now now my little kittens, as we lay our weary heads down to our pillows and say our nightly prayers remember to thank our Lord for another year with Beyoncé. Lest we forget all the street style that guided us, the tweets that inspired us, and the ballads that healed our souls! This one goes out to you Bey, from one Virgo to another, happy F’ing B-Day

and all the people said AMEN



Ladies Who Ink Vol.1

My father always told me if I ever got a tattoo he would “peel it off my skin with a cheese grater”

Image                                 I got my first tattoo in Alabama when I was 16. My mother, Barbara, drove me and I wanted to get it in a place my dad would never see it so I, as many a first tattoo’e tend to do, got it on my hip. It’s a little cross that I picked out of a book and due to some strange law in Alabama, since I was under 18, I had to trade pants with my boyfriend so they would come down low enough on my hips that he wasn’t tattooing me “below my pant line”. At the time I got it basically so I could show my sissy friends at Chattanooga Christian School how much I loved Jesus while also remaining incredibly hardcore. It totally worked, that is until Sarah Williams got a tattoo of a four leaf clover on HER hip and my dinky cross was all but forgotten.


On my 18th birthday, yet again accompanied by Barbara and a boyfriend, I got a fish hook tattooed on the inside of my lip because I thought it was funny. My boyfriend got my initials tattooed on the inside of his lip because he thought we were soul mates. We broke up 3 months later.Image

When I was 19 a good friend of mine passed away in a car accident. At her funeral they told us that she had been studying Latin in the car and they found a flash card with the word “Virtus” on it at the accident. My best friend from High School, Olivia Scudder, and I both got tattoos that say Virtus in cursive. Mine is on my back and hers is on her foot. In latin Virtus means strength and courage, it is usually used to describe the bravery of a man. In a certain way I felt like that was Katy’s way of telling us everything was going to be okay, and that we were stronger than we could ever realize.ImageAt 20 I had just moved to Chicago when another dear friend of mine passed away. Her parents were missionaries and she spent a great bit of time in Papua New Guinea as a child. Just before she passed away she had a huge back piece done of a few birds of paradise flowers, so when my friends Heidi and Suzzanne came to visit me we all decided to get tattoos and I chose a sketch drawing of a bird of paradise for my ribs(the actual bird, which the majority of the species are found in Papua New Guinea) and Heidi got the house number of the house she grew up in on on her ribs. The actual act of getting the tattoo was the most excruciating hour and a half. I was in so much pain I almost wanted to tell him to stop. But I remember so vividly when it was over and I got up to look at it I burst into tears, it was so beautiful and such an act of catharsis I just stood there sobbing. Something about it reminded me of how proud I was to have been a friend to Marie and how beautiful she was, and will continue to be in my memories and through that tattoo.ImageAfter dealing with those losses I decided I needed to get away from everything for a while. I felt so stuck and so confused about what living was supposed to be about, especially since there was so much confusing pain to work through that comes along with it. I think I had lost the ability to be moved by anything, and to me if you lose that, you’ve lost everything. I decided to pack up and move to Prague, which I quickly realized is the answer to many an existential crisis ridden twenty something. During that time I discovered how to feel again, and boy DID I, I made sure to feel EVERYTHING. I walked down the streets getting lost and so mixed up in everything and everyone, leaving little pieces of my heart in dark corners and romantic bridges all over the country. I fell in love with a boy that I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with, I sat on the edge of my seat in an old theatre and saw Casablanca for the first time and it felt like and old friend, and I took a trip to Paris alone for Easter and stood with tears rolling down my face at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

As cliche as it sounds, I found my heart. Before I left Jaime had given me a little matryoshka doll with a note in it to accompany me on my travels and we named her Flora. When I got to my apartment in Prague I realized the subway stop closest to me was also named Flora. And I thought that was DIVINE. Upon returning home I knew I wanted something to keep with me forever to remind me of that experience, so that if I ever started feeling lost again I could look down and remember exactly where I was and exactly who helped me get there, namely Jaime Smialek and Humphrey Bogart. I decided to get my first ever fully visible tattoo, and there was no doubt in my mind it was going to be of Flora. I also decided to get some Czech text underneath her that says “budeme mit vzdy v Parizi” which is a quote from Casablanca that translates to “we will always have Paris”. It’s my favorite tattoo I have ever seen on anyone, not only in execution but also how much I cherish its meaning.

ImageImageLast year I was on my way home from work when Jaime texted me and told me that Heidi was over at the house and that her and Ross had broken up. None of us saw it coming and I quickly veered off my path to acquire some supplies. I showed up at the house with 3 magazines, some ice cream, and a bottle of Evan Williams green label. We talked, we drank, we cried, we watched Beyoncé videos, and we got tattoos. We went to white wizard (which in retrospect sounds like a totally racist establishment) and all got eensy weensy hashtag tattoos. Jaime’s is on her shoulder, Heidi’s in on her ribs, and mine is on my knee. I can’t tell you the meaning of the tattoo but I can tell you we paid $20 and he used a “super tight three” needle, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE. #supertightthreeforlife

Side note: Heidi and Ross got back together like a week later and are still “totally in love”

ImageIn March I got an outline of a seagull in flight tattooed on my inner elbowish area which is the logo for Stanislavsky’s theatre in Moscow and also represents a Chekov play entitled “The Seagull” (go figure). I got it because, you know….theatre.

Image                        At the same appointment I also got a little red string tied around my pinky. And, I know what you’re thinking, NO it’s not to remind me of something. I believe that God has chosen people that we will meet and connect to in our lives and that there are little strings that he ties around us so that we are destined to meet, and that when we get our hearts mixed up in people we tie little strings to them connecting us to them forever. There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that I love that says,  ”An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.”  I just love that thought God connects us together and makes sure that we affect one another, so much so that the string he ties around us “may stretch or tangle, but never break”. Its a little faded, but I don’t think i’ll get it touched up. I kind of like the idea that it sort of looks like i’ve given away little pieces of my string (or at least thats what i’m telling myself, because that shit HURT.Image Image

And last (for now) I come to, the infamous stick and poke. I say infamous as a result of the pain and all around ridiculousness that ensued around said stick and poke. Jaime and I are fans of five things; whiskey, tattoos, each other, being badasses, and Husker Du. So what better to commemorate our common interests, I ask you, than giving each other (kind of) matching prison style stick and poke tats of a Husker Du bell symbol while completely whiskey drunk?! Husker Du, for all the uninformed, is a rudimentary matching game meant for no one over the age of seven. It also happens to be mine and jaime’s favorite past time. Mine is crooked and off center on the lower part of my calf, and jaime’s is just all around fucked up on the outside of her hip…kind of. Did I mention we were drunk?

I like the idea of tattoos being little glimpses into the timeline of my life. Even though there are some that, if I were to get now, I would change or maybe just refrain from getting at all (ex: hip cross) I think its almost like a permanent visual journal entry of a certain place I was in my life. Something I felt so strongly about I wanted to have with me forever. I realize there is a certain stigma attached to tattoos, especially women with tattoos, but I can’t imagine not having them. When you make the decision to permanently mark your body with something it becomes a part of you, not just physically but emotionally. I have this weird fixation with trying to show off my personality as honestly as possible through my physical appearance. This may be the only child syndrome coming out, but if I don’t feel like I look different from the people i’m around or “stand out” in some way I get very, very uncomfortable. I was telling Jaime this morning that if someone ever described me as “cute” I would just DIE. I want to look crazy, terrifying, interesting, sexy, like ive been swallowed by a giant sweater, ANYTHING literally anything but “cute”. I think I take comfort in my tattoos for that reason, they show people i’m thoughtful about my life and have taken control of my body to show off a little glimpse of my heart.

Fuck ladies who lunch. We are ladies who ink. Cheers, ya weirdos



goodworldgoods - Amazing stories Katelynd, I love your posts. -Kaylee

morgan - Great read and great stories. Husker Du is also a kick ass band ’79-’88 named after the game.

Christy - You’re so cute. Haha. Nope, not one bit but you are lovely and unique and sweet and hard and confident and intimidating (to others) and witty and strange and sensitive yet tough as nails. You sparkle. In the best way. Proud to be your Aunt Ditty

Charity - Best post yet. Loved it. And couldn’t agree more with anything you said!



When my hair first started falling out in huge clumps a few months ago, I decided to make the most of it by having a couple of girlfriends over to help me turn it into a mohawk, Miley Cyrus style, and taking a ton of pictures before getting rid of all of it.  What could have been a pretty traumatic experience ended up being actually kind of a fun evening.

There was nothing I could do about the inevitable fact that it was coming out, so I decided to embrace it, and beat it to the punch, as opposed to agonizing over every handful that ended up making its way into a pile next to me.  There were countless side effects from treatment, but the obvious one, the one that made me look like a sick person whenever I would glance into the mirror, was hard. I had just finished growing it out after years of having it in a bob, and I rather liked being able to curl it, braid it, and girl it up.

Going through treatment there were plenty of things to worry about.  I almost felt guilty when I would stress about the way I looked, since there were many other far more important things that I was worried about.  Now that it is over, and I am gradually joining the rest of the world again, I feel much better, but it is easy to get discouraged by the slow rate at which hair grows.  I want my appearance to match the fact that I am putting all of this behind me, and feeling stronger and healthier every day.

I decided to embrace this slightly awkward phase when it’s starting to grow back, and have fun with it! Honestly, there is no way in hell I would have ever decided to buzz cut my hair and shave a design in it when my hair was long.  I just wouldn’t have had the courage to.  There is a certain amount of freedom that I feel now, since I have no choice in the matter.  My hair is short, and I can run with it, or try and hide it.  I was inspired by the fabulous, Suleika Jaouad, who has a very insightful blog on the NY times and did the same thing when she went through chemotherapy, as well as Jaime, who got her hair art done last week, to just go for it.

I walked into the barbershop with a picture of some swirls that I thought looked pretty cool.  I requested nothing too tribal, but really just let the barber do what he wanted.

This photo is from Suleika’s blog, and it is what I showed my barber before he cut mine.  Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 11.00.58 AM

vsco_0-4 vsco_0-5  vsco_0-3 vsco_0-2    vsco_0-7

It was nice to take charge of what it looks like, and I felt liberated walking out of there with something that I decided I wanted, not just something that the chemo drugs caused to happen.

I wish I could say that the design is something meaningful. It definitely is not. In fact, I am not a huge fan of the circles, but overall I think it’s awesome.  What is meaningful is embracing the situation, and feeling liberated and powerful because this is something that I decided to do, not simply a side effect.



Ahhh, summer | - […] And many other things like swimming, yoga, grilling out with friends, going on hot dates with my husband, getting involved in the MBA program again, and getting a hair tattoo. […]

John - Very cool! You’re an inspiration

Becky - you’re amazing. very cool hair.

Rebecca Bean - Bravo! What a sexy lady. I love the strength and honesty of your whole story. Truly inspiring. XO