It’s no secret that we LOVE St. Elmo. I personally love being tucked in safe next to Lookout Mountain, I love the ability to ride my bike or walk everywhere and we have the best water holes down here. With St Elmo being so small and such a distinct area it lends to a strong sense of community. One of my favorite things about St. Elmo are the events. Collective Clothing is always hosting something, there is always a good show at Moccasin Bend Brewery and of course the Corgi Parade at Nation Night Out.

This coming Wednesday December 4th we plan to celebrate the holidays as a community! Join us in the heart of St. Elmo for some live music, local artist, tons of twinkle lights, fire pits and some gingerbread men decorating!

Here is the FB event page! 


A neighborhood block party just for fun!

Come out and enjoy music, food, art, shopping and friends in historic St. Elmo!

We plan to be hanging out in ‘downtown’ St. Elmo. In between Collective Clothing1885 Grill and Pasha Coffee & Tea!

If you are interested in setting up a booth please contact

or if you have an idea let us know! We would love to see everyone involved!




P.S. A special thanks to Corey Snipes of Broadside Designs for our wonderful poster!

Craig - .




I’m still pretty awkward.

I’ve come to accept that this is how I’ll always be.

Some find it endearing (thank god).

And some, I’m sure, find it amusing.

If you would have met me six years ago you would have concluded the same.

I use to over do it. Too much hair, too much makeup, too many clothes; all in an effort to mask this pimple of self disgust that is namely our high school years.

After I graduated, subscribed to a few fashion magazines, and started working in retail I decided I needed to tone it down… WAY down. I realized this wall I had built of layered concealer and blinding eye liner was only keeping one person out – Me.

I was afraid of my own potential.

Fast forward six years and I’ve improved some, it’s a work in progress.

What I’m proud to say I’ve accomplished is my “fuck’m and chuck’m method”.

No, not in that sense.. Perverts.

I mean: dress how you want.

Say what you want.

Be who you want to be.

Do you really think in 50 years you will still be worrying if people judged you for wearing that bad ass velvet crop top? No.

So let your hair down. Don’t shave if you don’t want to (whatever). And keep up with your own fashion trends – not others. You’ll be more happy with yourself in the end.

Awkward Blessings,




IMG_7862 IMG_7867 IMG_7956IMG_7873 IMG_7878 IMG_7879 IMG_7880 IMG_7881 IMG_7882 IMG_7883 IMG_7884 IMG_7871IMG_7942

P.S. – Oh shoot, was I suppose to mention my jewelry business?


Well, after several years of working in retail and never being fully satisfied with the products I was offered I decided to start designing my own. I spent a lot of my time studying artist’s work, not necessarily jewelers – but paintings that inspired me, patterns, photography, etc. This was an easy transition for me. As a child I would spend rainy days cutting up my mother’s old blouses (to her dismay), stealing second hand trinkets, making mobiles out of coat hangers – pretty much making anything and everything I could out of recycled materials.. before I even realized what recycling was. This idea of using any material I could get my hands on paired with my slowly developing self awareness bore the love child that become Namastemily.

Namaste loosely means:

“My soul recognizes your soul. I honor the love, light, beauty, truth, and kindness within you because it is also within me. In sharing these things there is no distance and no difference between us. We are the same. We are one.”

I like to remind myself often that we are all on the same journey, pursuing the same things, feeling the same struggles – the only difference between us being whether we realize this or not. This mantra has helped me accept my awkwardness – I feel confidence in the fact that we are unified through our flaws – because we are the same. We are one.

I would like Namastemily to be an example of this; Not only through the jewelry – those are just mere material objects – but through the connections we make when we are all working towards something we love. These are the kinds of lasting connections that I hope to establish with my business.



imageIMG_6366 IMG_6372 IMG_6375 IMG_6377 IMG_6379 IMG_6380 IMG_6383 IMG_6385

Annie emailed me this photo of Jaden Smith late one night. In a stroke of pure genius she decided to follow his lead. Let me just say…


She just understands.




A few moths ago at the St. Elmo bazaar I ran into some friends who had a booth. They were selling hand made jewelry and I fell in love! I purchased this charming little necklace that has a leather pouch with a crystal in it. It quickly made its way to the top of my favorites list. Shortly after I asked the girls if I could do a little shoot with them to show off not only their amazing jewelry but also their style. Take a look at these cuties and then check out their etsy shops!

Emily’s online store >>> 

Holly’s online store >>>

Few things make me as happy as the talented and wonderful people of Chattanooga doing something they love!




I’d like to take a moment, and reflect on the most hallowed day on the SWIA calendar. A day that transports women across the country to their truest form. Whether that form be a scorchingly sexy superhero, a slutty kitten, an artistic rendering of a vagina, two happy dancing cartoon girls, or WHATEVER. It’s a day unlike any other, a day where people quit asking themselves what is “appropriate” and what “works for their body type” [OMG don’t EVEN get me started on that one] and start saying “Fuck you, I’m wearing this leotard in 24 degree weather because I am a beautiful BALLERINA” which is exactly what Jaime and I did. Oh, whats that? You thought our life sized rendition of a multicolored Georgia O’Keeffe flower/(let’s be real)Vagina was the extent of our Dress up Christmas celebrations? Well my dear dear friends. I am proud to present Dress up Christmas THE SEQUAL!!! *Queue glitter bomb explosion*

IMG_7671 As children of the 21st century i’m sure that those of you with iphones have dabbled in the art of Emoji only conversation. I would be willing to say that about 36% of me and Jaime’s conversations are composed solely of Emojis (24% are unflattering selfies, 18% are screen shots of embarrassing/infuriating text messages, and the other 22% are complaints about our periods). IMG_7673 IMG_7676 Now, out of all the emoji usage we have gone through in our lives there is one that still holds a special place in our hearts. Some call it the dancing girls, KB calls them Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, but Jaime and I prefer to refer to them as the Mind Explosion. Ooohhhh and explode our minds they did. We started out the night in my kitchen polishing off a bottle of Fireball and cheap champagne with her dear friend Chris.  IMG_7677 IMG_7672IMG_7678  From there we put on our astonishingly warm getup comprised of; two pairs of tights, two black leotards, hand crafted cone bow headbands, and boots. We forced Chris to take our picture in my kitchen and then embarked in possibly the strangest adventure we’ve been on to date.


I could go in to detail about the rest of our evening, but im just going to be real with you on this one kids, all I know for certain is that I transformed into a ballerina monster mind explosion and at some point sliced my knee open.  IMG_7681 IMG_7680

Things happened kiddos, and maybe when you’re older I will explain it to you. All you need to know is, Jaime and I won Dress up Christmas, and can’t wait to give it hell next year. Thank you, and goodnight.