About SWIA

Above all else, forget what everyone says and wear what makes you happy.


If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, “_____ is SO cute on you, I wish I could pull that off!” I would be wearing the Miu Miu glitter booties seen on the Fall 2011 runway. But I am not.

Here is the secret…


I just wear what I want to wear and tend to not care much if I can ‘pull it off’. So wear it anyways ladies and gentleman and wear it with SWAG where ever you go.

She wore it anyways.

I wore it anyways.

They wore it anyways

You wore it anyways… and any way you wanted to wear it.

Damn straight you did.

Happy dressing y’all.


Miz Billi - Sounds like fun!

The History Press - We’d love to talk to you about doing a Chattanooga Style book with us. Reach out to Kirsten, the Tennessee editor! 843.577.5971.

Janis Hashe - Hi Shes,

The Pulse is looking for someone (s) to write a fashion cover story and also to start a monthly fashion column. Someone interested????
Contact me at jhashe@epbfi.com or (423) 622-2862.
best, Janis Hashe