After 10 weeks of slicking my hair back on one side I finally walked in front of an airplane propeller and got that shit CHOPED OFF> well I actually had it buzzed at Dream Hair Salon by the ever so talented Kristen Morton. I couldn’t be happier.

The way I think and feel about dressing and styling has a very strong dichotomy. On one hand its my favorite hobby, its a bit of a passion and takes up a good part of my time. I did my senior project in college on creating your image. I have dissected what it means to me to create myself. I am strong believer that you can not simply write me off as superficial because of my love for style and fashion. I am very aware of the meaning and message I give off, the message I create and also the one you are putting out. Sometimes its confusing for me that other people are so disconnected from how the way they look says something.

At the exact same time I really know it doesn’t matter.

None of it matters. My hair, my clothes, style choices carry so little meaning in the realm of the universe and eternity.

I think thats why I feel so free to ‘wear it anyways.’ I know that mixing patterns and cutting up vintage clothes are simply fun. Honestly I am sure a lot of people think I am an idiot… jokes on them. I know the way I look has little weight with the things that do matter. I could be wrong but my 27 years on this planet have shown me that the only thing of true value are the human relationships we have. My friends and loved ones give my life value. More than that, my effect on those around me means much more than any pair of Mui Mui glitter booty! (well…)

All of that to say for me style is a form of art. Though I have never especially felt like my hair was art until now. The long part is so pretty and feminine. The shaved part has this exposed feeling and message. The short hair says the long part doesn’t matter. The value that the beautiful part adds to me is wonderful but is totally futile.

It’s exactly how I have always felt about hair and clothes. It’ exterior. So fun and wonderful but not nearly as important as everyone makes it out to be. I am not my hair. I am not my clothes. I feel liberated to express myself through them but I also know that they can not define me. The shaved part devalues everything superficial, while creating a bit of a sex symbol out the raw and natural.

I feel like a billboard for self acceptance.


There were also big hair changes for Heidi and Katelynd yesterday. I ombred Heidi’s hair and she decided to try out a center part for the summer! Katelynd wanted to do the pinkish purple on her bangs like she’s done before. Well…. I picked up the wrong bottle of purple so she is now rocking out with a magical cotton candy blue bang. Yummy! 20130605-150357.jpg

Then we met up with Lindsey to try out TeraMae, a beautiful Appalachian Bistro connected to Stone Fort Inn. I was ver impressed. 20130605-150407.jpg