High waisted that is.

What does it take for a short and moderately reserved woman, like myself, to make a grand entrance? I cannot say it enough ladies: CONFIDENCE. The second thing is wearing the right outfit that brings out your personality.

Here is what I have accepted about myself: Yes, I am petite. No, I do not have much of a waist, but does that mean I cannot make myself look and feel taller? Absolutely not!

One of the greatest things about being small is having the ability to rock the high waisted look. You can ask anyone who knows me well that ninety-seven percent of the jeans, skirts, and shorts hanging in my closet are ALL high waisted.

High waisted bottoms make my legs appear longer and therefore I seem less vertically challenged -that is always a good thing, as far as I am concerned. They also help create curves for someone like me who was blessed with a boy’s body type.


IMG_9749 IMG_9761 IMG_9755 IMG_9745IMG_9757 IMG_9753

IMG_9763IMG_9772 IMG_9767IMG_9770 IMG_9769

So, ladies, the next time you set off on another shopping spree, be sure to try this look out. Right now Fredonia on Market Street has some great high waisted bottoms that are waiting to be worn by YOU!



jaimesmialek - They are Dolce Vita knock offs by Target!!!!

Morgan Griggs - Sarah, DAMN STRAIGHT!!

Sienna - Where are those amazing wedges from?!

Sarah Johnson - I bought these jeans from Morgan, and I LOVE them. A guy friend told me that I was wearing “grandma” jeans. I just laughed at him, because I knew that I looked great and felt great!