Bossy on a budget

If I know anything all too well, it’s a courtesy “Low balance threshold” e-mail from Bank of America.

I just recently found myself in the broke post grad moving back in with your parents stage of life, and with a big move to Chicago looming over my head (and bank account) it’s safe to say i’ve recently fallen under a boderline impossible spending freeze. But like….you can’t expect me to not buy new clothes though right? RIGHT?! So what’s a She to do stuck in the rock and hhhaaaarrrddd place that is life on a budget?


Jaime and I pride ourselves on being hunters and gatherers when it comes to fashion. We will pillage a thrift store in record time. Like a sudden plague of locusts leaving entire towns barren of all former life, so are we to floor length velvet dresses and 14XL women’s blouses. There is a sense of pride and global dominance coming out of a thrift store after finding the PERFECT boxy silk tee and sequin shorts with matching vest (and you know damn well no other betty is going to be out there trying to play “Who wore it best” with you at your local bar, because that shit is one of a kind)

However, there is a fatal flaw in this whole thrift store gold mine scenario. Sure I love a loud resort wear print skirt as much as the next gal, but does it really need to go to the floor? And yes, I understand that a high waisted mom butt sear sucker pant is a bit excessive. But really, what is a high waisted mom butt pant but a high waisted mom butt daisy duke waiting to happen? What i’m getting at here is that sometimes you gotta get creative babe. So cut it, hem it, twist it, rip it, or just F’N WEAR IT ANYWAYS!

And with that, I bring you Thrifty Thursday


IMG_9258 IMG_9260 IMG_9262 IMG_9263

These are destined for dukes (check back later for results)

Lounging by the pool at noon with a martini in hand and cigar in mouth


Take me to your nearest modern art exhibit please sir

IMG_9268 IMG_9270 IMG_9272 IMG_9276 IMG_9277 IMG_9281 IMG_9283 IMG_9289 IMG_9292 IMG_9294 IMG_9296 IMG_9299 IMG_9305   IMG_9347 IMG_9315 IMG_9316 IMG_9318 IMG_9322 IMG_9324 IMG_9327 IMG_9329 IMG_9331 IMG_9334 IMG_9337 IMG_9338 IMG_9344   IMG_9345 IMG_9348