Eating my words.

A few years ago a friend of mine showed me these designer shoes she LOVED… I couldn’t have been less excited about them. They were wedge high top sneakers and I thought they look like medical shoes. Since the shoes were ridiculously expensive they weren’t headed for her closet anytime soon. Months later NineWest came out with a pair of the wedged high tops in black and white for only $88. Though they were impossible to track down anywhere in the U.S. we magically found a pair in her size at the Zappo’s clearance center on the way to the Kentucky Derby.

Since then I have grown fonder and fonder of the once ‘medical’ sneaker. The other day I was in Rugged Warehouse and I was faced with a pair. All grey, my size $15. I walked a lap in the shoes and thought. “Am I really about to buy a shoe I so mercilessly made fun of?”

Sure was.

So here I am eating my words from a few years ago, WEARING THEM ANYWAYS!

Honestly I have only worn them three times but I love them and I think they may end up being a pair of summer ‘go-to’s!

IMG_8216 IMG_8227 IMG_8235 IMG_8240 IMG_8246 IMG_8247 IMG_8250 IMG_8259 IMG_8263 IMG_8277

I am wearing>>> off brand shoes from Rugged Warehouse, F21 jeans, spoon ring by Matt Nooga, top from F21, cardigan from Francesca’s, and necklace from a little store in San Francisco!

Now here is my friend Katrine, the epideme of style and class! This broad is one of my favorites. I was so happy to have the honor of shooting some style shots of her while I was in Kentucky last week. I was with her when she purchased these fabulous mint Gap jeans the day after Christmas… but she had yet to wear them! SERIOUSLY!

Here she is, breaking out of her comfort zone and totally owning pastels!


IMG_8114 IMG_8123 IMG_8118    IMG_8128    IMG_8135 IMG_8144 IMG_8172 IMG_8177 IMG_8185 IMG_8180 IMG_8181    IMG_8188 IMG_8191 IMG_8193   IMG_8187 IMG_8197 IMG_8203

Katrine is wearing>>> Gap Jeans, J.Crew button up, Urban Outfitters boots, stud earrings from Francesca’s and purse Marc by Marc Jacobs.


All that to say… don’t put yourself in a box. You may hate something now that you will love later. You may love something, then hate it, then love it again!

We are not all the different, in fact we are mostly the same.