Sometimes, More is More!

Swimsuit season is all too often a shudder-inducing phrase. But why? Let’s make a collective decision to love ourselves, love our bodies and love dressing them. Even in swimwear! All you style gurus out there have surely heard the theory that EVERYONE can dress well. Every single body type can be flattered. And the running and beautiful theme of She Wore It Anyways seems to be a simple message: wear what you like and what makes you feel good. So let’s do just that, shall we?

Not feeling up to rocking that scant bikini this summer? No problem. There are so many ways to keep it fashion forward at the pool, without feeling self-conscious or overly exposed. Though I’m a relatively small person, I am somebody’s mama!! And well to be frank, my tummy isn’t something I’m super comfortable showing off these days. Fortunately there are so many swimwear options that offer more coverage than the ole string bikini. And yes, it IS indeed possible to find sexy, flattering one-piece suits that don’t have that clueless “mom” feel.

Years ago when our cute grannies were beachin’ it up, they wore classy looking suits with way more coverage. And they looked hot doing it! So who’s to say we can’t still do that now? Retro swimwear is a great alternative to the hoochymama less-is-more approach. For example, if like myself, you’re not wild about flashing the tummy, try a high-waisted swim bottom. You can still look sexy while feeling secure and comfortably covered.

My dear pal, Lauren Kramer, said she feels more comfortable in her new high-waisted two-piece suit than in a classic bikini. She feels like she can sit down without worrying about the belly pooch most of us have, and she can jump and swim and play hard without concern for coverage issues. Also, what is maintained when your suit has more fabric is a little mystery. You don’t have to show a lot of skin to look super sexy. I’ll say that again. You don’t have to show a lot of skin to look super sexy.

Kramer also has qualms about the way her feet look, so she’s not a big fan of sandals. As a result, she decided to sport her low-profile tennis shoes with her pool attire. In addition to just making her feel more at ease in general, this is a choice that adds a bit of flare to the whole get-up. It’s an unusual and unexpected move that adds personal taste to the outfit.

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Kramer’s ensemble includes: swim bottom from Urban Outfitters, bikini top from Target, straw fedora from Target, low-pro tennis shoes from Target, sunglasses from Forever 21, leather cuff bracelet from and ring from Homegrown Silver and Stone.

But let’s face the facts. We all have bits about us we’d change if we could. Still, regardless of your size and shape, you can look like a goddess at the pool or lake. Embrace your inner beach babe, and choose pieces that make you feel good about being you! Jaime recently reminded me of how lovely it is to be an individual. We hope you, our readers, never forget that. You are you. You are beautiful. And no one else can be you. No one.