YOUNG LOVE /// MAD STYLE – Jude Catcher (oh yeah Jenna & Ben too.)

One of my favorite blogs does a fun lil section on love birds with great style. Its so good we decided to carry it on over. Jude is ver obviously the ring leader of this lil circus and oozes nothing but class!  I may or may not have had to bribe him with stale sweedish goldfish… but I think he loved it. He is pictured with his hot moma Jenna and her beau Ben.

FUN FACT about Jude: I came up with his middle name!

Jude is wearing >>> H&M shirt and pants, shoes from Walmart and a scarf he borrowed from Milton.

Ben is wearing >>> Express shirt, Levi pants, Collective Clothing  shoes, and his jacket was given to him by a friend.

Jenna is wearing >>> F21 shoes and pants, Target top, Rayban sunglasses, Zara coat and pearl earrings.

I am wearing >>> Urban Outfitters shoes, F21 leggings, black top from Rugged Warehouse, blazer from f21 and Sunglasses from Target.

Milton is wearing a striped shirt from and handkerchief from WalMart.

And yes, it was his idea match.