Can’t go wrong with denim, Right?

Each morning while making Jude breakfast I ask myself, ” What am I going to wear today?” I wish I could say I typically just throw something on and call it a day, but I am not that lucky. The stress of picking out an outfit can be agonizing! So many choices before me, yet I always long for something new and different. If only it were my strength to be resourceful…

I learned while living in Paris to always leave the house dressed to impress. I have also learned through the years that this can be entirely subjective. If an outfit makes YOU feel great about yourself, wear the HELL out of it! Any outfit can be a success if the person wearing it is confident.

I have a confession: I am not always that confident. I texted a picture of my outfit to Jaime this morning seeking her approval. I did not want to leave the house looking like I had voluntarily subjected myself to the fashion police. I am sure a lot of you can relate to this kind of dilemma. I got her approval but as I went through my day I realized that ultimately it should not matter what someone else thinks.

I felt fresh, creative and pretty, and really that is enough for me! But I will say that it makes my heart happy when Jaime compliments me on my choice of attire!

20130508-164403.jpg20130508-164357.jpg 20130508-164350.jpg 20130508-164411.jpg 20130508-164417.jpg

I am wearing >>> Denim shirt from TJ MAX, romper from Target, belt from forever 21, shoes from target, clutch from Banana Republic (Thanks, Ben haha), and ribbon from Blue Skies and the Watch is from fossil (Thanks again, Ben)

So take risks because stepping outside of your comfort zone can give you that layer of confidence you need!