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Man ALIVE!! I hate getting dressed for work! Maybe thats because I work from home and sit in my robe most days… but heading out to shoot a wedding I never feel that great about how I look. If you haven’t noticed I LOVE dresses and tons of jewelry, both of which are not ideal for shooting weddings. I also love heels but its just not realistic to wear cute shoes when running around!

Yesterday I met my friend/mentor, Whitney, who is also a wedding photographer and I was going on and on about how I just can not find the right pair of shoes to shoot in. When I first started I would wear my dinky lil’ Old Navy or Target flats. Let me tell you now, those things can’t last a day of wedding photography. I am on my feet for 12+ hours, kneeling, squatting, climbing, rolling on the floor and basically looking like a complete weirdo while trying to get the shot I want. I have moved up to some more supportive less attractive flats from TJ Maxx.

My friend Whitney shoots in Danskos. Which I have been morally opposed to since I first saw the clog like blobbies in high school. I remember them being a big trend for girls at schools with uniforms. I just couldn’t get into it. The other day I tried on a pair and started to wrap my mind around the idea of my body NOT feeling like I was hit by a car the day after a wedding.

Whitney told me that every time she wears her Danskos she tells herself, “She wore it anyways!”

In a dream land I would wear something like I posted above. Strechy pants for rolling around, a flowy top so I could move, earrings with a top bun since rings/necklaces/bracelets never seem to work out, a blazer to profesh it up and I would love for those flats to have medical soles!

I’ll keep you on my search for work shoes that don’t make me roll over in my grave.



P.S. Here are some shots of me shooting a wedding…. Looking like a totally goober!

IMG_8559 IMG_9159 IMG_8886

Elea Mahla - I love this post. I had the same opposition to danskos for my entire first year of teaching. I thought they only belonged in restaurants where no one would see them as they blended into your pants. I will say that in my second year, after many mornings of trying on my old waitressing shoes and deciding against them, I succumbed sometime last semester and now I love them. Sometimes when you’re just dressing for a bunch of teenagers for work you just have to wear it anyways I guess. (And also I find the LEAST offensive way to wear danskos is with lots of black and that’s what you wear for a wedding, yes? You could do them HOT no problem.) xoxo

Andria Swann - No worries gurl! They have come out with some adorable Dansko’s since you were in high school!! I have two pair that are really cute, and COMFY from back in my waitressing days!! Can’t wait to see which style you ROCK!!