Talk Derby To Me

“What horse? Which bourbon?” Said no one from Kentucky EVER!

Today was the day y’all! The 139 th running of Kentcuky Derby and we were back side at the track to watch it all happen!

You see where I am from there are few things as important as Christmas and water… those two things are Derby and bourbon. Oh! Yes, and let’s not forget hats. I love Derby, I love looking forward to it, I love preparing for it, I love searching for the perfect hat and most of all I love taking people who have never been! This year my dear friend from college, Jess, flew in from Texas and brought along her friend Caitlin. Also in tow is my best friend from high school Katrine and her adorable beau Tom.

While walking around the stables early this morning they indulged me by letting me snap some ‘style shots’. To me its important that they are just the normal photos I would take along the way. For this blog I really love the be intentional about shooting. I love to stand in front of something and really show off the clothes, I like to have the person ‘dance it out’ so you can see behind every cool cat is a dork just like you and I love to get the details.

I may have left the track with a little less cash than I went in with but that’s nothing compared to the fun we had!




The horse wanted to snack on Jess’ sweater… she wasn’t really happy about that. 20130504-215612.jpg

20130504-215620.jpg Jessica is wearing >>> Dress from F21, hat by Kate Landry, cardigan from Old Navy, boots DSW, and necklace from World Market!




Katrine is wearing >>> Nasty Gal necklace, J.Crew Dress, Hunter boots and jacket from Barbour!


Tom is a sweet guy and all but not really into sharing his Mint Julep.




Tom is wearing>>> Jeans are Levi’s, shirt from J.Crew, cardigan from Old Navy, bow tie from Macy’s and the boots he’s wearing are Soren Stig-Nielsen originals! (Katrine’s dad’s boots)








Caitlin is wearing >>> Dress and cardigan are from Ann Taylor LOFT, belt from Target, boots and hat by Antonio Melani, and her necklace is vintage!






I am wearing>>>  Dress by Gianni Binni, cardigan from Ann Taylor (via Rugged Warehouse 6 years ago), vest from Collective Clothing, boots by FRYE, necklace from Rugged Warehouse and hat off EBay.


20130504-220031.jpg Right as we were leaving I finally won a jackpot! It’s always nice to have some petty cash!

Until next year, keep talking Derby.



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jaimesmialek - Oh my word! YAY!! I am out of town but I would love for you save me a copy!

Janis Hashe - Jaime. I love your blog. Did you see that I included it in the May 2 issue of The Pulse? Would you be interested in doing a story/photos for The P? Contact me at info I’ll fill in below.
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