While out thrifting the other day I came across these vintage Sam Edelman flats! They are simply too precious and in great condition so I just had to buy them. Sadly they are a 6.5 and do not fit me. Good news for you though… I am going to give them away!

What’s up free vintage designer shoes!

To win simply comment on this post. A winner will be drawn randomly Monday afternoon!

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To see some of Sam’s recent treasures check out my favorite online spot




jaimesmialek - CONGRATS!!! Random.Org selected you!

Kimberly M - OOhh I like them a lot. And they’re just my size! Hoping for a win.

jaimesmialek - Good luck! We will use to select someone at 3:00pm!

Eleanor Steele - i’m a 6.5. love them and already thinking what I could wear them with!!

fingers double crossed.


jaimesmialek - HAHA! If I find vintage treasure in a 9, I will be keeping it. You just have the wrong foot size!

Charity Pinter Hendricks - So adorable. I’m in the big foot category though. Let me know when you have a size 9 giveaway. :) Love the blog.

jaimesmialek - I know right!! I wear a 9 and it seems impossible to score vintage shoes!

jaimesmialek - hahaha! Well good luck! We will announce a winner at 3:00 pm today!

babyfashionistas - I NEED these shoes. Not want…..NEED.

And I do wear a 6.5

babyfashionistas - I wear a 6.5! I NEED these shoes.
Not want….NEED!!

AndriaSwann - I will cut off all my toes to fit into those adoable flats!! Too bad I’m a 9.5 amazon woman, good luck to the ladies with the petite feet! Good eye for vintage designer shoes Jaime!!! <3 this blog!

jaimesmialek - They are pretty fun! I am super excited to be giving them away. We will announce a winner at 3:00 pm today!

jaimesmialek - I know right?!?! I was really sad they didn’t fit me, but all the better to give away a lil treasure! We will announce a winner at 3:00 pm today!

jaimesmialek - Totally! Also they are in amazing condition… like I wonder if they were ever worn! We will announce a winner at 3:00 pm today!

jaimesmialek - Aren’t they fun! We will announce a winner at 3:00 pm today!

Erica Goldsmith - Too cute, I am imagining a fun photoshoot wearing these.

Laura Brown - droolingdroolingdrooling.

Molly - These.are.darling.

Susan Mullins - These shoes are adorable….and just my size! :-). I shop vintage thrift stores and love to come across finds like this!

jaimesmialek - I was kinda thinking…. I did remember correctly! Hope you are well! Goodluck!

Karin Olson - I love these

They are my size

I love you

jaimesmialek - Really!?!?! Smaller than a 6.5! Dang girl! Well… at least your chances will be really good to win if I find anything smaller!

Jenna - My favorite blog ever. I love you girls! I wish my feet weren’t so small.

jaimesmialek - I think we all need a pair! Goodluck!

Lauren Goforth - I NEED these!

jaimesmialek - Yay! Glad you saw this! Goodluck! Also I miss you…

Ashlee Owens - Pick me, pick me!

jaimesmialek - Aren’t they adorable! I just couldn’t leave them at the thrift store!

jaimesmialek - I’ll let you know Monday afternoon around 3:00 pm EST! If you win I can bring them to Derby!

Jess Thibodeau - I WANT THOSE PLZ

jaimesmialek - Leave a comment here for your chance to win! A winner will be chosen at random on Monday April, 29th at 3:00 pm!

Jocelin - I wear a 6 or 6.5 size shoe. These are beautiful.