Sometimes life gets going just a little too fast. Before you know everything is moving at light speed and the best you can do is take a photo to enjoy later. It seems for sometime, no matter where I am, I am leaving a little too soon. Visiting family, visiting friends or traveling to a new place. Each portion of my travels has been so cram packed with so many good thing and more importantly, good people.

This year my Spring wedding season overlapped with a giant photo project (the one I still can’t share!), which overlapped with my Fall wedding season. Its all been good work. I have been so unbelievably honored to photograph so many amazing people at pivotal or peak moments in their life. To think of someone looking back on one my photos in 50 years the way I look at photos of my grandparents fills me with a joy I can not describe.

In midst of so much good I find it hard to say “no”. I’ve gotten much better over the years… learning that there is wisdom in no. BUT today when I was recovering from my wedding hangover (this is a hangover from shooting a wedding not drinking) I felt exhausted and totally wiped out. My friend Clara called to see if I wanted some left over flowers. She had worked a handful of weddings with a local florist and they had some beautiful stems left over.

So what would you do? Go home? Rest? NO> You rally some ladies, plop yourself on the porch and make as many flower crowns as you can muster up. Sometimes rest comes in different forms. Visiting with some of the most creative and brilliant women I have ever met whilst playing with flowers. Now thats a time a of rest. porchplay-1 porchplay-2 porchplay-3 porchplay-4 porchplay-5 porchplay-6 porchplay-7 porchplay-8 porchplay-9 porchplay-10 porchplay-11 porchplay-12 porchplay-13 porchplay-14 porchplay-15 porchplay-16 porchplay-17 porchplay-18 porchplay-19 porchplay-20 porchplay-21 porchplay-22 porchplay-23 porchplay-24 porchplay-25 porchplay-26 porchplay-27 porchplay-28 porchplay-29 porchplay-30 porchplay-31 porchplay-32