She is fierce and she is unapologetic. She doesn’t feel the need to judge you, or put you in a box or have an opinion about your life. Do you understand how rare and special that is?

I am regularly humbled by her “but who are you?” attitude. Who are any one of us to be making decisions or having opinions about the other when we are all just figuring this shit out. She is a scholar in her own right. Studying people and places and taking every little bit in. A connoisseur of lace and finer things in life. While simultaneously caring so deeply and having some much empathy for people most of us overlook. She is fully concerned with matters of the heart and regularly inthralled by all things floral.

SWIA and my life would not be the same with out her. She has seen me through the darkest and stormiest of days. She is an unyielding inspiration to us all. Her trumpet clearly sounds the songs of self love, acceptance, equality and empowerment. When you are on a journey and you realize you are figuring it out as you go. When you come to understand that you have no way of knowing exactly what the future holds. That’s when you need a friend of this sort. Of this caliber. Someone who is filled with love, support and loyalty for the people she holds dear.

It is a true honor and pleasure to call Katelynd Marie Frierson my best friend.


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Elizabeth Lawrensen - WHOA the slightly darker lit photos in this set are stunning. especially the silhouetted profile that is something like 11 photos from the top.

Margot Meanie - That was a beautiful tribute!