Oh heeeeeeeyyyy ya’ll!

A lot has changed since we last spoke. I got my first ever pair of chelsea boots. Jaime got a bed. Milton switched hair products……..aannnnnddd…….OH YEAH Jaime and I moved to Nashville!

Being a part was just too impossible, I mean how are we expected to share closets when we’re 500 miles away from each other?

Not for us.

So, we moved the party to east Nashville and have kinda just been killin it ever since. And by “killin it” I mean shuffling various house plants from one corner of a room to another and watching The OC until we fall asleep on the couch.

A couple days ago I was doing what I always do when extremely busy and loaded with responsibility, I went shopping. Flush with the sensation of newly deposited student loans, I waltzed into Urban Outfitters and began the hunt. I found some gems (one being the grey long sleeved masterpiece in the pictures), but unfortunately I could not afford to gather all the loose fitting, sheer, wide knit garments in my hands and bring them home with me where they belong. Why? Why couldn’t I afford it? Maybe i’m poor, and maybe it has something to do with the fact that A FUCKING T-SHIRT IS $394! I know this isn’t new news, i’m not solving world hunger over here or anything, but….what the hell? A shredded pair of ill fitting black jeans for $140? Get outta here. Jaime and I saw right through that ponzi scheme and marched our happy asses to Goodwill.

I picked up these pants for $7.49, came home and watched a few youtube videos on shredding jeans, and a few snips and rips (and finger cuts), and thus a masterpiece was born. All I did was slice the jeans with the scissors and then rub them (and my knee cap) with a cheese grater.

shredded-1 shredded-2 shredded-3 shredded-4 shredded-5 shredded-6 shredded-7 shredded-8 shredded-9 shredded-14shredded-10 shredded-18shredded-11 shredded-16shredded-12 shredded-15shredded-13 shredded-17


Honestly ladies, it was the easiest $132.51 cents i’ve ever saved in my entire life. I always see super crafty girls making magic out of mayhem on things like Pinterest and get a little down on myself thinking “well shit…I could do that” but then never follow through. Now here I sit, a crafty woman with some shredded fucking jeans.

Ladies, just get up and do it. Put that debit card back in your wallet and pull out the cheese grater. Watch your knee caps and get weird with it. Shredding season is upon us, go forth and concur!!

in love and tatters,


JStar Steele - You guys crack me lol

Rebecca Barron - Y’all look hot. Love it.

Katie Carrico - UH-MAZING!

Megan Hollenbeck - LOVE IT!