Hey y’all!! Did you enjoy your 4th of July as much as we did?!?! I sure as shit hope so, if not feel free to come on over and help us finish off these PBRs and leftover hot dog buns (Oh wait, Gaby already did that this morning). I woke up on the 4th and started begrudgingly putting my work uniform on cursing the name of Starbucks for forcing me to work on the best themed day of the year. To my sheer joy as I was walking out the door my manager called me to tell me it was so slow that I didn’t need to come in. Naturally I ran to plug my phone in to our speakers to blast my USA playlist (mainly just Bruce Springsteen and 90s Garth Brooks jams) then ripped Gaby out of bed so we could go buy bratwursts and beer. As she was in the shower I skipped to my closet to unearth the best red white and blue polyester jumper anyone has ever seen so I could take a pair of scissors to the knee length culottes and turn those bitches into daisy dukes. Jaime got me a tripod and remote for my camera approximately 7 months ago and I FINALLY got around to setting it all up so Gaby and I could share with all of you how much fun we had and how cool we looked doing it. Beers were drank. Fireworks were set off. A good time was had by all. Tag us in your instagram pictures (@sheworeitanyways) so we can see how much fun you had too!!!




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