You guys. I am tired, I am confused and frankly I am fucking pissed off.

I gave up on listening a while ago and I have no patience for ignorance and hate. If you noticed my FB post you will have noted that I finally cracked. I usually keep FB positive and light hearted but this was my first real rant. (Other than that time I posted that leggings are in fact pants and got over 100 likes) A man who will be referred to as THIS GUY went swimming in a creek today. He then proceeded to judge, criticize and hate on women whom he was displeased with. He was so concerned with their appearances that he secretly took photos of them (creep!) and then posted them on internet.


You see the thing that THIS GUY is really out of line about is that he thinks he makes the rules. He thinks that I am playing on his field. I’ve got news, THIS GUY no longer has control of the ball and can’t even comprehend the game I am playing.

FUCK THIS GUY. Fuck all of the THIS GUYs out there. Guys, girls, young or old. If you think for one second that you have the right to hate someone else because they are different than you, then please take a moment to realize how insanely out of line you are.

You see the idea that someone else’s judgement of my physical appearance determines my value is INCORRECT.

So all of you ladies checking your bodies in the mirror time after time before leaving the house, any person second guessing themselves in a crowd,  or any of you avoiding the pool this summer because THIS GUY might be there. You are officially off the hook. No one is looking. No one is judging. No one is here to hate on you.

Any human holding back in life because they are afraid of what THIS GUY will say, you are now allowed to be wild and free!

When we as a society let THIS GUY determine the rules or set the playing field, then we all lose. THIS GUY is still there. Hating himself, hating you, judging and criticizing you but he has very clearly explained himself. His opinion is not worth listening to.



Someone please explain why we all love to hate each other so much?

Emily Unkle - @Dane, good point, but unfortunately the guy actually interacted with this on facebook. He wasn’t being sarcastic.

Dane Hoffman - Plot twist: He was being serious when he said beauties and you just jumped to conclusions…

Patty Flowers - Yes, yes, yes!

Catherine Gantt - Amen, lady!

xoxox, C