This post has been in the draft box for quite some time. I’ve been trying to think about what to write to accompany these outstanding images Jaime captured of Dave. At first I was going to write something funny about how I nominate and award best dressed dude/gentleman/rockstar/human being in Chattanooga/the world to Dave Griffis. The more I thought about it the more I realized that doesn’t really come close to giving Dave/the pictures the credit they deserve.

dave-1 dave-2 Dave and I have been friends for about four years. I don’t really remember the evolution of our friendship, just the day I met him and then the next day when he was my best friend. It’s really difficult for me to make new friends because I get uncomfortably shy and say strange things and come across as too abrasive. Thankfully Dave is one of those people that will just accept you for exactly who you are and seems to have unending room in his heart for new friends. When we first became friends Dave would walk across the street from his house to my front porch where we would sit for hours and listen to music and would let me complain about absolute nonsense and sit patiently, taking in my utter madness with complete sincerity and concern. He would later move in to said house where I would continue to violate his privacy and he would borrow my clothes.  dave-3 dave-4 dave-5 dave-6 dave-7 dave-8 dave-9 dave-10 dave-11 dave-12 dave-13 dave-14 dave-15 dave-16 dave-17 dave-18 I remember one time when I was having a particularly terrible and stressful week at school, I came home from work to find one of my favorite drinks that has all these silly herbs and whatnot in it to “calm your mind” on my bed with a note from Dave telling me everything was going to be okay and wishing me a better day. Another time him and Kirk Ellis woke me up with breakfast in bed for no reason at all. That’s just the kind of dude Dave is. He will go to a Neutral Milk Hotel concert with you and let you pick where to stand, he will buy tickets weeks in advance to see Jeff Mangum perform in Athens and then when you’re 20 minutes away from the concert you accidentally run over an 18 wheeler tire and wreck your car he wont even tell you how upset he is about missing the concert or make you feel guilty about it, he’ll decorate your house for a surprise birthday party, he’ll offer you the simplest and best advice when you’re struggling with your faith without even realizing it. He’s one of those people that will allow you to be sad when you need to be sad, and will snap you out of it when it’s time to get the hell over it. I have always envied Dave’s style because it just seems so effortless. He doesn’t spend large sums of money on the perfect pants, or follow style blogs to seek the newest trends, or ponder the ramifications of wearing women’s harem pants in public. Most of his clothes are hand me downs or thrift store finds. He wears what he thinks is cool and makes him feel good and doesn’t give a fuck about anything further than that. dave-19 dave-20 dave-21 dave-22 dave-23 dave-24 dave-25 dave-26 dave-27  He takes cues from things that give him pleasure and inserts them into his wardrobe and isn’t concerned about looking silly or taking it too far. To me, that makes him a pioneer. I think we could all take a few pages out of Dave’s book. So many times I find myself wondering if a dress is too form fitting, or if an outfit is “impressive enough” to show snobby coffee drinkers at snobby coffee shops that I too am snobby and I too was really affected by The Stranger the first time I read it…but like in a cool way. Dave’s hair is different now than it was in these pictures. Currently it’s shaved on the side and long enough to put in a top bun but short enough to leave a few chunks of hair around is neck and face (one of which he likes to keep braided). Oh and it’s blue. What i’m getting at is that it’s probably the coolest thing i’ve ever seen. It’s funny because no one gives less of a shit than Dave, but at the same time no one cares more. He doesn’t care about what you think of him or how he looks to you or the day to day vanity that so many of us get caught up in, but he does care about your heart. I think it’s important to constantly tell your friends how you admire them and how they affect your life. dave-28

At least in my life, if it weren’t for my friends i’d be somewhere in Iceland knitting the worlds largest sweater rendering me incapable of ever leaving the house to check up on the three sheep I own. So, thanks Dave. Thanks for wearing Cosby sweaters with the neck cut out, sitting in my passenger seat during long drives into Georgia, and being the dopest dude that I ever did meet.


Go love on your pals today y’all!