My Old Kentucky Home is something I take very seriously and hold very close to my heart. There are few days I love more than Derby day. I love the horses, the betting, the Mint Juleps, the hats, the spirit of it all and the prep. This year I took it to a whole new level by doing the alterations on my dress myself.  >>>And by alterations I mean rebuilding the top half of the dress.<<<

What was once a long sleeved, collared, shirt dress… now a fabulous one shoulder, ruffled master piece. I originally found this facsinator at the beggining of my hunt for head gear. It make my stomach tight and I knew I wanted it but what the fuck would I wear it with. I am not a big fan of B&W and a solid color. It is always so predicable and safe to me. I didn’t want to just throw on a mint dress and call it a day. I wanted to have fun!  At the same time I knew if I were to mix it with another pattern it had to be the ultimate of all power clashing.

What better way to power clash than to MONO-PATTERN?? Right? Eh?


The older I get and the more Derbies I attend I continue to confirm my belief that getting dressed is meant to be fun. Playing it safe will never look as good as being creative. It’s simply really. High risk = High returns. I sure as hell got my $$$ out of this ensemble and even won a little cash at the races!

20140509-180127.jpg20140509-180322.jpg 20140509-180310.jpg 20140509-180150.jpg

Dress from

Tights stolen for Katelynd

Boots from NastyGal

Bracelets from NastyGal, J.Crew, F21 and Aldo.

Sunnies from Charlotte Russe

Fascinator from Etsy~ here. 

20140509-180229.jpg20140509-180252.jpg 20140509-180219.jpg20140509-180244.jpg 20140509-180236.jpg

Yes those are home made spats. Your eyes are not fooling you! A few days before Katelynd and I hitup the Zappo’s clearance center outside of Louisivlle and I fell in love with a pair of boots. Sadly they were the most uncomfortable things my feet had ever graced. So the night before the Derby I used a carpet knife to cut the up!

20140509-180208.jpg 20140509-180134.jpg 20140509-175532.jpg 20140509-175510.jpg 20140509-175502.jpg 20140509-175324.jpg20140509-175452.jpg 20140509-175331.jpg

Dress and sweater from Anthropologie

Tights from Urban Outfitters

Boots from America’s Thrift

Necklace from J.Crew

Hat designed and created by us! PASTE Magazine featured this hat as one of the 50 best at the Derby!


Check it out here! 

20140509-175444.jpg 20140509-175346.jpg20140509-175437.jpg 20140509-175401.jpg20140509-175416.jpg 20140509-175353.jpg20140509-175408.jpg 20140509-175339.jpg


So what will you be doing the first weekend in May next year?

Talking Derby?