KD IN KY: The resurrection of Katelynd Frierson

Hey gang! REMEMBER ME??!?!!!kdinkyblog-2


Turns out I didn’t freeze to death in the most traumatic winter i’ve ever had the displeasure of being subjected to. Who knew? In celebration of this fact I managed to peel off my winter coat moments before it became permanently fused to my skin, hop on a Megabus, and run in to the arms of my beloved Jaime in her old Kentucky home. I have to tell you, I was having a bit of VERY real anxiety thinking that over the course of just one Chicago winter I had forgotten everything I ever knew about how to wear clothes. Have you ever had that? Ever gotten in to such a rut that you begin to actually believe that you are no longer capable of being that same sassy wackado in fringe and floral you once were? Is it possible that I will just be stuck wearing this same North Face knee length coat, fur lined Doc Martens, and pale itchy skin until they lay my frozen body into the ground?

The answer is NO ladies! This too shall pass. You are more powerful than your self imposed uniform! That funky bitch who once wore polka dot wedges, a polka dot blouse, AND a polka dot vest AT THE SAME TIME is inside of you just itching to jump out. As we transition from winter (yes, it was still 30 degrees two weeks ago in Chicago) to spring I hope you join along with me in replanting your wild side. Get out with your bestie and reek havoc on your routine. Fuck your work khakis. Fuck your 5 year old dress pants. Especially fuck your winter coats. And say fuck yes to feeling fly and having fun in the sun.

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Jaime and I were traveling the streets of Kentucky when we popped in to her favorite vintage store since high school, where she bought this amazing hat. A couple stores down I bought these little lilac daisy dukes and feel so far in love with them I immediately put them on in the car before the shoot. I’ll tell ya, there’s really nothing that compares to goofing around in brand new treasures with your most treasured friend. We can’t wait to share with you some more about our ladiez trip and my first ever time going to the Kentucky Derby. Stay tuned!!!



Jessica Wilson - Seeing you ladies working those ADORABLE hats inspires me! Southern sexy Anne of Green Gables. Am now on a quest for one of my own.