If you know me, then you know that the Kentucky Derby is by far my favorite day of the year. I love holidays in general. Especially ones that involve dressing up in some way but Derby simply put… blows it out of the water!

So when my best friend of 20 years is having a bridal shower in Kentucky in April, what better theme could there be? Bright colored dresses, big hats, fascinators, cucumber & pimiento cheese sandwiches and (of course!) BOURBON!  Bourbon balls, bourbon drinks, bourbon! Bourbon! Bourbon!

Needing some inspiration for an upcoming Derby party? (May 3rd) or maybe you will be joining Katelynd and I in Louisville that weekend?

OR maybe this is all new to you. If thats the case, enjoy! There are few things as preppy, over the top and old school as Derby style. Maybe this is the year you track down a Derby party. Not only for the Mint Juleps, horses or betting but for your opportunity to wear a really over the top Derby hat!

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What’s a good southern wedding shower with out a KitchenAid mixer in any color and a little Maker’s Mark?



Paula Cash - To mix up some bourbon balls Rachael!

Allyson Akers - this is superb.