April showers usually bring May flowers but here in Chattanooga we always get the beautiful blooms in March! Now that the wind, rain and overall unpredictable weather has set in the blooms are starting to fall apart. This petals whipping in the wind make for some really beautiful “snow”. Along with with the crazy weather comes somewhat warmer temperatures… well sometimes. Sometimes and maybe like part of the day!

Here is my go at dressing for spring from Monday. The temperatures were in the 60s, the rain was off and on and the ground was wet.

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Coat >>> H&M borrowed from my friend Clara

Hat >>> from a SWIA clothing swap

Top >>> Fredonia Provisions for Women here in Chattanooga

Necklace >>> F21

Skirt >>> TJ Maxx, it was straight across but I cut the mullet into it and then turned it to the side

Shoes >>> NastyGal

Bracelets >>> Aldo & F21

Rings >>> F21 and Francescas

Good luck staying warm & cool & dry & stylish! Cheers to spring and its crazy weather leading the way to warmer days!