Hannah plays an imporant role in my story. I think she might actually be “The One That Got Away”.

You see Hannah was my next door neighbor for almost a year and some how our friendship blossomed only 2 months before she moved to the Big Apple! Sure we would cross paths or wave hello but towards the end there I realize this girl is the bomb dot com. Hannah’s laugh is absolutely infectious. You can ask anyone who has met her.

She just happened to be in town for a wedding this past weekend and I couldn’t of been more thrilled to see her. On Monday I ran into her while she was visiting her old house. Of course mid-afternoon I was still in my pajamas sans bra and there she was… Totally OWNING Monday.


Q >>> Where does your style come from? Any major inspirations? People or eras that excite you?

A > My style default is probably a mix of clean professional neutrals and a sort of youthful, ’80s edge because I don’t want to feel completely grown. So I’ll mix a pretty lace feminine number with black nails and an unkempt hair style. (But mostly my hair does its own thing.) If I could look and dress exactly like Emma Watson, I would. She’s like Kate Middleton meets the 21st century. I also draw inspiration from Alex in Flashdance. Because look at my hair. (I love hoop earringz.)

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Q >>> How has your style changed since moving to NYC? Has the way you look at clothes in general changed? Shopping? Style? Comfort?
A > Since moving to NYC I wear SO MUCH BLACK. You can never go wrong with black, especially in the city. It’s classy and can function as both an understated neutral or a bold statement – like throwing in a little leather. I also find I can be more daring in my style here without worrying that people will find it unprofessional or weird.
NYC has also enlightened me to the importance of good footwear. The perfect shoe has to be really comfortable for all that walking and strap-hanging, but Manhattan also demands a power stance: a nice heel, some metallic detailing, or a combat boot. And since the Polar Vortex basically bitch slapped America in the face this winter, I found that a good pair of black boots goes a loooooong way.

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Q >>> What’s your favorite piece right now?
A > My favorite piece right now is a floor-length flowing black maxi skirt with deep slits up both sides. Pair it with a good strappy heel and loose sleeveless top and it’s a knockout.

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Q >>> Any thing you are excited about for spring? Warmer weather in NYC means you get to bust out your….?
A > Warmer weather in NYC means I get to bust out my GIRLY CLOTHES. I can’t wait to wear a sundress and heels without tights. Also: waist-high shorts and midi skirts are my jam.


Pants: H&M
Sweater: H&M
Jacket: Forever 21
Boots: Madden Girl
Earrings: American Apparel
Necklace: Etsy (I actually bought it at one of those art markets at the St. Elmo Fire Hall a year or two ago! But I can’t remember the woman’s name. She said she has an Etsy shop. I think it might be this one: https://www.etsy.com/shop/limetreechattanooga)

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