Yes. It is Tuesday. Though I rarely know what day it is I am referring to Jessica Munday! 

Have you ever met someone and just known you needed to be friends? Since meeting Jessica 3 years ago we have slowly discovered we have more and more in common. Actually the first day I met her I was too scared to talk to her! Now she is one of my go to girls to chat style, life, photography and blogs with!

It was a while after we established we should be friends that I was at her house one night and we realized we had both done Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Such a rare and wonderful connection! YWAM is such a big part of my life and very people even know what it is. To say the least I look up to Jessica as a mother to her 3 fabulous children and as a wife to her talented husband (he did her logo)!

I think the thing I love the most about Jessica is that she isn’t afraid to take an alternative path. Rather that be with style or the decisions she makes for her family. Though she has been a bit of a health nut since I met her, she recently went through a renaissance with food. You can read all about her new view on eating, get amazing recipes and some heavy doses of honesty over on
3K0A0449Q>>>Where does your style come from? Any major inspirations? People or eras that excite you?

A> I love all things bohemian and wish that I could have been born in either the 60′s or the 70′s so that I could have been a part of the true bohemian days. However, since I’m a mom to 3 littles a lot of days my style looks a little more like workout clothes or sweats but any chance that I get to gussy up I am defiantly inspired la vie boheme! I love women from the 60′s like Bridget Bardot (her hair is amazing), Marilyn Monroe because her beauty was unreal. There is something so romantic about that era that I always want to emulate.

3K0A0450Q>>> How does being a mother of 3 influence your style? Shopping? Style? Comfort?

A> It can be challenging as a mom to remember the importance of even getting ready. I am constantly in a whirlwind of taking care of the kids and it’s easy to over look myself. But it is incredibly important for me to stop,take pride and lavish myself with a shower, doing my hair… it makes me feel human again. Shopping for myself can be difficult! But I have found that online stores are my best friend and allows me to shop from some rad stores that I could never tangibly drive to, like ASOS, free people etc…

3K0A0469Q>>>Favorite place to shop for your tikes??? (I think I would like to link your older post on dressing kiddos!)

A>  Hands down my favorite kids store is ZARA. They are never generic and their style is incomparable. H&m comes in 2nd and their price for cute style is amazing. Most of my son’s (Miles) clothes come from H&M. Here’s the link to Miles‘ & Norah’s style posts!
3K0A0471Q>>>What’s your favorite piece right now?

A> One of my favorite current pieces of clothing in my closet is my Ramones Black T, cut out back, studded sleeves from Forever 21. It’s so freakin’ comfy and looks good with everything. 2nd fav would be my brown studded boots. I wear them all the time and even shoot weddings in them. For heels they are incredibly comfortable and oddly enough I scored them from ROSS.


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Jessica is wearing >>> Dress, Hat and neckless from Fredonia, Boots from Ross, and ring from F21 3K0A0554 3K0A0562 3K0A0578 3K0A0595 3K0A0600

Q>>> Any thing you are excited about for spring? Warmer weather in Nashville means you get to bust out your….?

A> I have spent the last 6 years of my life pregnant or in between pregnancies which has left me only wanting to wear leggings and lots of black. Recently I have lost 45 lbs and plan to rock out lots of shorts, maxi’s, tanks’ and anything I want!! I’m really excited about a pair of 80′s high waisted white washed jean shorts I found at the goodwill that I plan to pear with a rad kimono i recently scored! Summer couldn’t come fast enough!

View More: More: More: More: there it is ladies, Jessica Munday! From now on when you see a cute prego lady across the room that you know should be your friend…

Go. Go talk to her. Now mosey on over her to her blog and poke around. You won’t be disappointed!