You would think that running a blog about self celebration would really knock the fear out of life but its just not true. I, just like you, and every other person, question my self. I often find my mind on the gerbil wheel of comparison and it actually takes the life out of me.

For me getting dressed is a simple reminder that “you do you” I have to do me because I am the only critique that really matters in my life. Often when I feel bogged down by self doubt I have to really push my outfit somewhere strange. It’s like flexing a muscle or finding the property line. Once I branch out enough I enter back into an understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being totally different from everyone else.

And that’s why I wanted to wear 4 flower crowns. Its good for my soul.

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Dress is from the Liberty of London line at Target years ago (borrowed from my neighbor and dear friend), shoes from Rugged Warehouse (you may remember them from out very first blog post ever), necklace by Namastemily, flower crown number 1 from F21, flower crown number 2 from F21, flower crown number 3 from F21, and flower crown number 4 I made myself for the 4th of July last year!

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“But what people don’t really understand is that fashion is a really beautiful way to assume different identities. Kind of like halloween every single day.  Why not turn everyday into a game show?” – Leandra Madine of Man Repeller AKA my spirit guide.



Victoria Adams Bordelon - I heart you so much!!!! Your rock hula chic!