A few days ago I had the pleasure of photographing Emily again. This girl has mad style and I can imagine if I ever have children I will have a very similar view on letting my child PLAY!

“A few weeks ago I took Jane to the park. It was one of those random 70 degree Southern spring days, right in the middle of a week of 50′s and rain. I’m pretty sure our entire neighborhood had the exact same idea we did, because the park was absolutely full of moms, and a few dads, and about a million children. I was dressed just like I always am, except that I was also wearing leggings, which I felt were a little more “mom” appropriate of me (not saying anything about leggings here!). But still, I’m the girl with all the jewelry, and the makeup, playing on her iphone, and trying to overhear what the two moms close to me are talking about as they look and me and say things about “societal norms” while my two year old catapults off the end of the big kid slide at about 50 mph. The bottom line is, I left the park feeling like I was just walking out of high school all over again, and I was still  just the kid that looked different from everyone else and wanted to be Averil Lavigne. Since that time I’ve thought about it a lot. Mostly because Jane asks to go to the park just about every day, and I can’t help but dread it a little bit inside.

Now to be fair, a big part of my issue is me. I still feel judgement and just about wilt beneath it. And let me tell you, in the world of parents, judgement is not doled out slowly. There are the helicopter parents who think I should be watching my child more, the outdoor lover parents who wander what the hell I’m doing to her dressing her like that, and the live-simply parents who wander what sort of an example I’m setting for my child by feeling the need to wear makeup every day. I really should be able to be ok with that. I know, because their opinions really don’t have the power to define me or my well being. And I also know that they feel that way because different things are important to them. I can respect them for that, and I know that they love their children just as much as I love mine. But can I just tell you the mom at the park on her iphone-wearing three layers of free people and heels-and makeup perspective for a minute?”

To read the full post and get details on their outfits check out Emily’s blog!

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