Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had used this title before. The fact of the matter is that ruffles make me really happy. I wish they didn’t. There are actually moments that I realize dressing like a toddler might not be a great choice… but I have no control. I just love my ruffles so much. I actually went through a phase where I added ruffles to all of the my clothes. No joke. The bottom of my dresses and skirts and around the collar on my tops!

I mean… What says happiness as quick as a ruffle? Ruffles have no purpose but to make us happy. That is why they exist, just think about it. Some days I wish I had a more utilitarian style, but I will always be the girl with glitter, or confetti, fringe, bows, studs, and ruffles.

ruffle-11 ruffle-10 ruffle-9 ruffle-8 ruffle-12ruffle-14ruffle-7 ruffle-6 ruffle-18ruffle-5 ruffle-17ruffle-3 ruffle-13ruffle-16ruffle-2 ruffle-15ruffle-1

Coat from H&M, necklace from NastyGal, black dress from Walmart, bracelets from F21 & Nasty Gal, boots from F21 and epic ruffle socks from Lord & Taylor!

I wish I had some really cute and quirky sign off but its late and I don’t. Just do your self a solid and get some damn ruffle socks. Let your inner toddler out to play.