Oh man it is good to be back! I had the amazing opportunity to go camping with some of the world’s best photographers in California last week. You should check out #yeahfieldtrip on Instagram to see some of the magic. Photo Field Trip was such an amazing experience filled with inspiration and encouragement but I have to admit I got terribly nervous before I went.

Sitting at the dinning room table with my roommates the night before I left, I admit, I felt sheer panic. It was like that first day of school fear but giant adult size. Even after all of the “she wore it anyways” attitude and coaching I felt like I wouldn’t be good enough. I mean these were the top dogs in my field. Coming from all over the world and here I was, just a silly girl with a camera.

After some serious pep talks from my very tender roomies I haphazardly packed some weird stuff in my backpack and attempted to get some sleep. If I could help you understand what I learned in California and I mean really uunnndddeerrrrSTAND I would give it to each and everyone of you. Though my classes were packed with great information and heard some truly inspirational speakers, the one thing that stands out above the rest is that we are all just people.

That’s right. My big epiphany in California is that people are people. All of these amazing photographers that I was so intimidated by and terrified of meeting were just as insecure, confused and quirky as I am! I heard stories of lose and of failure, of dreams and aspiration, of fears and real struggle. From people I saw online and thought were absolutely invisible. Its amazing how deceiving the internet can be. Even when we don’t mean for it to be that way.

Knowing now that these seemingly super human photographers are just like me has to be one of the most freeing things I have ever come to know. Think of it this way… If Beyonce’s photographer and I can sit on the porch and drink whiskey while talking about socks, anything is possible. I heard time and time again from my teachers in California, that success is relative and that there is no reason I can’t have what they have. So what is holding me back? Fear? RIDICULOUS!

Fear is a construct of distorted lies we surpress ourselves under.

Some absurd idea that they are drinking some kool-aide I can’t afford. THATS BULLSHIT> There is no magical Kool-Aide. It’s the simple mixture of big dreams and tons of hard work.

We are all equipped with the ability to dream and frankly that’s all we really need.


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Jaime is wearing>>> Dress from H&M, cardigan from Anne Klein, Shoes from F21, and earrings from J.CREW.
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Do yourself a favor and READ THIS BOOK right now. That’s right you can read it online.  Just think about it… what is that matching silverware really getting you in life?

STOP being afraid. Stop living inside of some self induced box of “can’t”s and “I wish”!

I think its important to have big, fantastic, wild, unbelievable dreams.