Once upon a time… in a land called “Target Has Designer Clothing Lines for Less” I found a Rodarte treasure! This little beauty was so delicate with its tule overlay and lace edged slip. I wanted it so badly but in the years of college and dependents I was simply shit out O’luck. Until the fateful day when I made one of my stress reliever Target runs. I used to love to go, even with no $$$, get a pomegranate slushie at the snack bar in the front and then wonder around for hours. Target was my sanctuary of deep thought and loosing myself. Whilst teeth deep in the 75% OFF rack I found one large Rodarte frock tucked away. A mere $9.44 marked down from who know what. It was mine.

Well just like many things we obsess over and idealize… they never really pan out the way we expect. The seems of the boobies in the slip made my big chest look all funny and well the yellow didn’t do a lot for my complexion but none the less… I have held on to this bad boy for 5 years!

Here I wore it for my sister and I’s college graduation party invites.


After years of it not getting the play time it should have I finally cut the top portion of the slip out. Here Katelynd wore it to BEYONCE.


Then this morning while cleaning my room, I was hanging up some clean clothes and pulled her out again. I just love the dress so much but have only worn it 3 or 4 times ever. Its been worn by others a few times but its just too precious to leave hanging. After trying it on one more time I realized it would make a wonderful skirt. It hurt my heart to cut off the top with those soft luxurious bows but I just don’t wear it the way it is.

So here it is! Bringing new life!

20140220-115136.jpg 20140220-115123.jpg

20140220-115151.jpg 20140220-115329.jpg

White tee from Madewell, necklace from Banana Republic, sunnies from Ebay, bracelets from Nastygal, F21 & J.crew, shoes from J.Crew. Skirt by Rodarte for Target!






20140220-115259.jpg 20140220-115224.jpg


Just when you think there is no hope, look at it from another point of view, make the changes and find new life. (Am I talking clothes or life?)

Happy recycling ladies!



Kim Eilers - Awesome job

Allison Kennedy - So fierce. I needed this today. I’m talking life.