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I imagine SWIA as a fleet of warrior women gathering in an over-decorated tres chic sheepskin hut to dress for battle, compliment each other’s armor, and share overpriced sephora lip stains. The battle is every time you took a chance wearing those Aztec pants with a polka dot shirt and some bitch in a polo and tennis skirt scoffed at you. The battle  is that numb nuts guy you dated that was somehow so misinformed to think that he had any right to tell you that those high waisted black velvet bellbottoms made you look like a hippie pirate (which, by the way, doesn’t sound half bad if you ask me). The battle is any fucking time you allowed someone else to dictate how you express yourself.

Jaime and I started SWIA to show women that, not only are you allowed to be yourselves, but that you should be standing on the edge of the tallest mountain whipping your hair back and forth sounding a barbaric yawp in the name of your sheer bossiness. And if, when you are on that mountain, some brat tries to tell you to zip it then SWIA would like to extend and invite to you to tell that bitch to get the hell off your mountain.

What am I getting at here?

Honestly, I have no idea.

My brain is so overloaded with thankfulness and a cheap liquor hangover to fully comprehend what is going on right now. I am proud of what SWIA has been able to do in it’s short year of existence and humbled knowing that Jaime and I didn’t create this army of loving and accepting women, but merely built a platform for us to all gather and realize we are not alone.

All I can say is thank you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You didn’t have to accept us, you didn’t have to take a chance on two wacky girls dressed all in neon wearing short sleeves in February, but for some reason you did. And I can’t tell you what that means to me. So in honor of operation “take back V day”, I raise my glass to all you absolutely lovely wackadoos and cheers to one year down and (hopefully) many many more to come.



THANK YOU for all the comments, likes, shares, messages,letting us photograph you, guest bloggers, guest photographers and anyone who just shook their head in agreement. Here are some of our favorite comments and messages. We can not tell you how much we appreciate the support.


“I LOVE this blog!! It makes me feel so awesome about being ME!!” -Amanda Hitchcock

“I started reading your blog after stumbling across you via someone else’s instagram and encountering you at a Nightingale clothing swap. You are a breath of fresh air and truly a roll model for girls who are struggling to figure out how to act in a world where they are challenged to be what they want as long as they look like everyone else. I am raising teenage daughters to be strong, outspoken, weirdos who celebrate those traits in others and I am so glad to see someone living what I am trying to teach. Kudos.” -Tanya Swann

“I can’t tell you how much I love this. Thank you for being so transparent with your heart.” -Emily Baskette

“Girl that article was so real and so had to read because it was so good. I really appreciate you sharing.” – Anonymous

“It’s like you stole the pages of my own journal. Thank you for being such a badass. And thank you for letting us in. This is beautiful.”  -Charity Anne

“I read you blog. It was touching even to a male cynic, that is me. You are completely right about what you said. Sometimes you can’t see the outside of the box that you are in. Good read, thanks for writing it! Also, you do look like a boss bitch with a pixie cut!” – Anonymous

“Thanks for reminding us it’s ok to be incredibly badass & incredibly human at the same time.” -Elizabeth Lawrensen
“Favorite post on SWIA. Message is true abs the pictures are beautiful. Well done.” -Jordan Jesus Tiger


AmyMae Tuininga - I will incorporate, “get off my fucking mountain, bitch” into my life. Even if he/she will never get it.

Allison Kennedy - I could not agree more. Y’all have inspired me to BE ME AGAIN.

Allison Kennedy - I could not agree more. Y’all have inspired me to BE ME AGAIN.

Ben Schnell - “The battle is any fucking time you allowed someone else to dictate how you express yourself.” This is an awe inspiring quote. Love it.