Snow Day Survival

Sitting here with heated mattress pad on high listening to the electric bill literally suck $$ right out of my vintage brown leather Coach purse and I can’t decide if I want snow. Sure its a pain, and everyone in Chattanooga wrecks their cars but man would it be fun to play in! To build a snowman… it’s been a while!
Or maybe try to get out and take some photos??? YES PLEASE!  Either way I would love to be wearing this. Probably some much warmer version of this outfit including some wool socks and big scarf but something along these lines.
Funky, fresh and allllllll over the place. This outfit maybe a little scattered even for me but its honestly what I would roll out of bed and scrounge up off the floor! Nothing quite like playing with pattern and texture while still being super femme!
Cheers to your snow day! May you make a hundred snow angels and one thousand well dressed snow woman!