Meet Isobel. She works at Pasha and I always run into her around St. Elmo. Not only is she sweet as pie, I absolutely love her style. Yesterday we met up to snap some photos and she answered a few questions for me. Take a look.isobelwardJaime >>> Where does your style come from? Any major inspirations? People or eras that excite you

Isobel>>> My style completely changes with my mood, which is the same as saying that it changes depending on what music I’m playing. It’s pretty wild how a song or a great album can affect what I’m feeling, inside and out. Sometimes I wake up and it’s cloudy and grey and I’m listening to Daughter and drinking coffee till my tongue turns gold – I’ll throw on a big wooly sweater, tights, an ugly dress, slumpy socks, my mother’s scarf, and feel absolutely fabulous. On those days, I even love the chipped paint on my fingernails; it adds to the coziness, somehow.

But the night brings a transformation. I always keep my Saturday mornings free, so Friday nights are really my only chance to get crazy without the constant reminder of work or school or some other obligation. After class lets out, I walk home and press play on something spicy – recently that’s been Kanye or King Krule or Lianne la Havas, but Cherub always works in a pinch – and get ready for a long night of raging face with friends or strangers or some people in between. That’s when the gold accessories come to play – plus a lot of black, white, and red lips if I’m really diggin’ myself. When I feel fancy I keep the colors simple with one piece to stand out from the rest.

I am definitely inspired by women I see on the street, patterns I see in furniture, music festival costumes, and the work of photographers that I admire. About a year ago – I know, I was late to the game – I discovered street style blogs and an eyebrow brush and my life changed forever. Blogs are definitely an inspiration but I do my best never to copy. I mean I guess it’s not difficult, being 5’1” and 137lbs with the booty of an R&B singer and the calves of a Scottish Highlander (thanks Grandma!). Most of the girls on those blogs are model size and so whatever they wear looks totally different on me. But I still like to take what they have done and add my own twist. That’s the part that makes style fun. It’s not like there’s a uniform “style” that we all wear. Style’s like music taste – totally uniquely fantastically yours!
IMG_4732IMG_4736IMG_4750IMG_4737IMG_4775IMG_4776IMG_4777IMG_4778IMG_4779IMG_4755IMG_4756IMG_4761IMG_4768Jaime>>> What are some of your favorite pieces this winter? Anything you can’t live with out or that you have been living in?

Isobel>>> My big, baggy, mummy bum jeans! They are huge acid wash Bugle Boy’s from forever ago and they have these awesome little buttons designed for suspenders. I found them at Collective Clothing last year and keep finding ways to wear them. Sometimes I’ll pull them up really high and hold them there with a tiny belt and wear something really girly on top, but I can also sag them super low and pair them with a baggy t-shirt, a flannel, and a beanie. That’s one of my favorite winter work day outfits – I’m probably listening to a lot of Velvet Underground and Kings of Leon when I’m feeling boyish and a little rock ‘n roll.

IMG_4738IMG_4742IMG_4744IMG_4745Jaime>>> You have a really great way of mixing things up. What would you say to someone who wants to take more risks with their personal style?

Isobel>>> Even on the weekends, I’ve never been one for showing a ton of skin. When I was younger that was because I felt insecure about my body; nowadays it’s because I am secure and I like keeping my curves a bit of a secret. That being said, I love seeing girls who have no problem wearing shirts and calling them dresses – it can look totally badass – I guess I just take risks in other ways.

I prefer buttoning my shirts to the top, wearing tights underneath socks with jeans over both them, layering and layering until I can somehow get all of the patterns that I see in my head onto my body – not always an easy task. I’ve been a self-proclaimed master of thrift since high school; never having enough money to buy the “cool” clothes, I found my own “cool” and ran with it. I won’t pretend that I don’t look back at some of the things I wore and cringe, but hey, at the time I thought I was super fly!

IMG_4751 IMG_4752

IMG_4763 IMG_4765 IMG_4769

Pants – CC

Blazer – Forever 21

T Shirt – a $2 bin at a thrift store

Gold bracelets – Gifts

Pearls – from high school choir

Shoes – Urban Outfitters

Tights – Target

IMG_4773 IMG_4774 IMG_4780 IMG_4781 IMG_4784 IMG_4785 IMG_4787 Isobel>>>  ”And I think that’s what style comes down to most days – it’s all about how you feel in the clothes; the way you appear to others matters very little in the grand scheme of things. When I’m nervous about trying something new because I don’t want others to tell me I look silly or that I can’t just tuck that new dress into a pair of high waisted jeans and call it a top, I put on some Lana del Rey and my favorite perfume and say screw it. Because if I feel good, then the opinions of others fall right off my shoulders. It also helps that I live away from my parents – I still get nightmares of my mother saying, “You’re really wearing that?” But my mum even compliments my dreads now! Miracles do happen.

Always take a risk. Sometimes acceptance comes. But when it doesn’t? Brush ‘em off.


I couldn’t of said it better myself. Now take second and check out Isobel’s blog!




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