Elea is a dear friend of mine whom always looks fresh! She always has a way making elegant and significant look effortless. Its a talent very few acquire. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Elea the other night and I asked her some questions about her style.
IMG_4424“My personal style gravitates towards neutrals these days. I guess that’s a relic from my semester in France. French women have fewer clothes than most Americans on average but they buy classic, neutral pieces that they can wear to death. I love pieces that mix and match well and I like to try to go a long time before wearing something the same way twice. I like to have a few solid classics and keep them interesting with varied accessories. 2) My go to for feeling great is a black outfit with one pop of color. Nothing beats a classic all black outfit that really highlights an accessory you are proud of. 3) when I started teaching at 22 my mom warned me to not dress like a college girl, she said I needed to dress how I wanted to be perceived. That advice has been indispensable for me. I had to clean out many of my beloved multi-colored leggings, plastic bangles, and loud homemade skirts to make room for knee-length pencil skirts and cardigans but now I couldn’t be happier. ”


IMG_4466 IMG_4464 IMG_4451 IMG_4435 IMG_4436 IMG_4454 IMG_4443 IMG_4455

IMG_4425 IMG_4446 IMG_4456
IMG_4447 IMG_4457 IMG_4429 IMG_4431 IMG_4448 IMG_4458 IMG_4434 IMG_4450 IMG_4460 IMG_4419 IMG_4420 “It was a challenge those first few months to try to make a totally new wardrobe out of my college-girl closet and college-girl budget, so I really honed those mix and match and thrifting skills that first year. All of this while keeping in mind that finding some solid pro-fesh looking basics is great, but I knew I needed to keep some fun accessories around so things wouldn’t get too boring.

I grew up with a mother and lots of aunts firmly established in their own earthy/well-traveled/somewhat hippy-ca. 1975 styles, so for many of my growing up years I thought long, patterned (often homemade) skirts and big chunky jewelry were, and always would be, my thing. My heart is still always drawn to a wide leg jean and billowy tunic, but I have made some adjustments over the years. My dream is to someday be a tunic-wearing, perfectly wavy-haired yoga instructor but I also LOVE where I am right now. I think we all could take a lesson from the French wardrobe and simplify, and get better at making the best of what we already have. We can’t be scared to take our old, well-loved pieces and mix them up into a brand new ensemble. 



Jordan Jesus Tiger - Who knew bringing French anything (besides New Orleans food) was so simple. Well done and said, beautiful.

Adrienne McCrory - Teacher outfits are some of the hardest to figure out – there’s a desire to look fresh and fun while still being classy, modest, and comfortable. Elea does all those things so well