Kathryn is the creative diva behind Rangemark. Rangemark is an independent screen printing studio here in St. Elmo, at the foot of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. She designs and creates organic hand printed textiles.

“Our mission is to bring beauty to the ordinary by creating uniquely hand designed and printed textiles.” -Rangemark

I have been following Kathryn’s designs on Instagram and I have loved watching her business grow. Few things make me as happy as woman breaking out and doing something they love. Kathryn is an inspiration and her work is to die for. I had the opportunity to chat with her yesterday about her journey. Here is what she said,

“I have been drawing patterns since I was a little girl so I think that my designs and my personal style developed together. There is no doubt that style and design are influenced by things I see around me, but my design style is very intuitive. I rarely decide what kind of subject matter I want to render before I start drawing. Most of the time I just start drawing and before I know it, my design has either turned into something recognizable, or I have made some shape or line that I can repeat into a creation. I think that first and foremost are my designs and that is what creates any personal style I have. Honestly, I always think about how I need to have more personal style.”

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Beautiful photos of Kathryn in her studio by the lovely and talented Annie Huntington. 

1267806_360804174049696_930502468_o_MG_1283“I love the design process. That is how Rangemark started. I was sure that I loved drawing patterns and rather than try to get a job with a company as a surface designer, I decided to take matters into my own hands and start printing my patterns on materials myself. What started as a poor college student using whatever means possible to get my designs into print, turned into a business and through that I have actually fallen in love with the hand printing process. There is a richness that comes when a design is silk screened rather than digitally printed and so through my business endeavor, I have become committed to the hand printing process.” – Kathryn



1403643_380994065364040_1982313610_o_MG_1286“Being a young female entrepreneur is the best kind to be! It took a leap of faith going out on my own and pursuing this dream, but I have already learned a ton and done way more than I ever thought I would. Also, because I am young and female, I have nothing to lose so the sky is the limit!” – Kathryn


Take a minute to check out Kathryn’s site and enjoy flipping through her eclectic designs.

We are CRUSHING hard.





Kathryn is giving away one of her hand printed dish towels! For your chance to win simple comment on this blog post! The winner will be drawn on Friday 1/17/14.

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Summer Nigh - I love all of this.

Bethany Huey - I love that she is driven. It inspires me to step out more. Those towels are cute!

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jaimesmialek - Good luck with the giveaway!

jaimesmialek - haha! ME TOOO!! Good luck with the giveaway!

jaimesmialek - So much good stuff to look at! Good luck with the giveaway!

jaimesmialek - A true joy in life to see someone do something they love for a living. Good luck with the giveaway!

jaimesmialek - Her studio looks so magical! Good luck with the giveaway!

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jaimesmialek - Good luck with the giveaway!

jaimesmialek - Isn’t she! I love it! Good luck with the giveaway!

jaimesmialek - Two pretty awesome things!

Good luck with the giveaway!

jaimesmialek - Good work and people always coming out of Covenant! Good luck with the giveaway!

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jaimesmialek - Pretty good stuff here in Chatty.

jaimesmialek - We love them too! Good luck with the giveaway!

jaimesmialek - We have never had SO many comments on a giveaway!

Victoria Griffis - Really beautiful work. I’m excited to see her business grow!

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Kathryn Allison - Thank you everyone for the kind comments, they are all so encouraging. Keep following me on Facebook and Instagram and good luck in the drawing!

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Amy Curnow Lattner - Kathryn…Love this piece! Love the fact you are “doing art” and loving it! This piece would look lovely in my new white kitchen! And I would tell everyone that it “came from the mountain”…I am an alum and a CC mom!

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