It’s been a week since I last shot Maggie! We hope to make this a weekly thing (and maybe come up with a name for the series.) We met up today to snap a few pics and wouldn’t you know… hats graced both of our heads. Great minds think alike? I do think so.

Though Maggie and I have very different styles, we were chatting today and realized that we both live in India! Even near the same time. Pretty wild. Huh?

Take a moment to tell Maggie hello over on her side of the blog-0-sphere at Inks+Thread!

Maggie is wearing >>> Jeans from target, top from American Apparel, shoes and belt are thrifted and she is not so sure how her hat found her.

I am wearings >>>  Frye boots, Anna Sui tights, dress and top are from Rugged Warehouse, leather jacket from the GAP, and my hat is from Urban Outfitters.

But what blog post would be complete if I didn’t attempt to be a cheerleader?

I spared you the panty shot… this time.



jaimesmialek - Thank you…. I picked it up from a bad ass cheerleader I know!

Katie Carrico - i love your heelstretch shot! your such a badass :)