I’m new around here, so an introduction is appropriate, right?
I’m Emily Unkle, and there are lots of things I could tell you about myself, but these are probably the most important. I grew up in the magical fields of North Georgia on a farm. As a 10 year old I thought I was Ellie Mae Clampett (I hope you know who that is). I had a pet rooster, three horses, some sheep and a goat. I lived in ill fitting boys Levi’s jeans and terrible t-shirts. I was pretty sure that everyone needed to know that I could ride a horse everywhere I went. Then I grew up some and started wearing dresses and lace again. I learned to wear heels and played mandolin, and practiced for hours a day because artistry was my thing and it came with the territory that it needed to be life consuming. Somewhere along the way I met the guy I would marry. He was tall and handsome, and just happened to be a Knight in the dinner show Medieval Times. I went to the show, met him afterwards and we got married a year and a half later. We’re wild like that. Now I’m a momma to our little girl, Jane Shenandoah, who has the fiercest heart you’ve ever seen in a tiny, not-yet two year old body.
I can tell I’m growing up these days, because I’m finally beginning to know what it feels like to be comfortable in my own skin (so cliche, I know). To settle into a home, and a place, and feel that my belonging is no longer dictated by the forces around me, but rather by something higher and stronger. I’m learning to say that I don’t give a damn in the best way possible. I started a blog a few months ago ( because I’m finally ok with being who I am, in front of the internet. Someone throw me a party because for me, that’s a big deal! It’s mostly about clothes, and life, and I’m loving it.
I believe that my clothing tells the story I want to tell about myself on any given day.
I look at my closet in the morning and wonder what I’ll say today, and I love that. I’m finally learning to tell some stories I’ve been afraid of in the past, and learning to love my old favorites. Clothing is art to me; beautiful art in motion. It breathes and moves and changes, and for a moment, you can be anyone you want to be.
While still being exactly who you are.
I mean seriously, how amazing is that?!


DSC_0314a DSC_0309a DSC_0334a DSC_0332a DSC_0325a DSC_0324 DSC_0323a DSC_0308a DSC_0306a Dress Bycorpus from Urban Outfitters, heels by Anne Klein, knee highs may or may not be from Victoria Secret, earrings from World Market, bracelet was a gift and lip stain  is “just bitten” by Revlon!