I’ve always loved the winter. I feel like I really thrive in the cold weather—both my mood and my wardrobe. I’m sure this has to do with the fact that I’m a December baby. I love walking out onto a busy street in the brisk cold weather, seeing glowing Christmas lights, and drinking hot toddy’s and rum nogs. I’ve never really understood how anyone could approach the holidays with such apathy. Nothing makes me genuinely happier than giving someone an awesome gift, and that’s really what makes the holidays so special for me. There’s something so genuine and amazing about just doing something nice for other people, with no expectations of something in return. Just being kind, and learning to love others as well as yourself.

So, of course it would make sense that I would wake up the day before my birthday and decide that there was no better time to do a give away on the SWIA Blog than today, (my birthday!). So ladies, I present to you, my birthday gift. I bought these shoes a year ago completely on impulse, and I’ve never ever worn them out—except for this photo-shoot. They’re Sam Edelman, size 10, and they are ferocious. I hope whoever wins them wears them more than I did, and hopefully you put them to spectacular use. (NYE perhaps?)

Happy Holidays,


GIVEAWAY details at the bottom!

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Outfit: Pants, Free People. Boyfriend’s shirt. Fur Vest, Anthropologie. Necklace, Merch Northshore.


Size 10

(fit more like 9.5 probably)

To win the Sam Edelman booties leave a comment on this post! We will choose a winner at random tomorrow!

Good luck ladies!


Amanda Kelly Tait - Ugh! I wish I was size 10!!! Gorgeous pics Jump!!!

Dirk Unkle - These are badass!

Jill Hilton-Coffman - I love these shoes & they are my size. Love the detail on them.
Merry Christmas!! Xoxo

Aria Taibi - incredible shoes, incredible girl.

Christina Herron - Love those shoes :-)

Esther Brooks - Your attitude toward winter is inspiring! and I truly appreciate every ounce of some winter cheer, being in Wisconsin at a balmy tundra temp of -18 (AHHHH). If you’re friends with my lady Sara, then I know you must be a goddess. Happy birthday girl! Your shoes have me droooling.

Victoria Adams Bordelon - I love spiky shoes and big feet! Happy Birthday!

Jordanka Patricia Pulido - gorgeous shoes! (:

Jill Allen - Happy bday, sista! Love your style & attitude. What’s not to be grateful for?!? I’m a 9.5 & would rock those ferocious dogs for NYE! Xo

Ayesha Reynolds - Killa

Skyler Metheny - Ow ow!

Patricia Fritts Goldston - Yes please! Beautiful!!

Giorgio Parra - Fabulous!!!

Emily Chidalek - Please may I have those amazing shoes?

Heather Fraser - oh yes those are amazing. Happy Birthday Alex!

Heidi Vasterling - My size! They’re beautiful!

Annie Oxenfeld - RAD SHOES!

Sondra Aten - Girl, you look spectacular!

Rina Henderson - Cute shoes :)

Caitlin Koeritz - I sure would love it if those shoes were my New Year’s Eve date this year :)
PS happy birthday!

Lauren Elizabeth - I wear size 10 how do I enter this giveaway?

Tonya Hacker - Sooo cute!!!

Rosie Killelea - Happy Birthday Alex! I miss you (and those shoes are HOT)

Liz Somerville - Happy Birthday! Love your outfit! And the shoes are wonderful!