While editing a wedding today I found these photos from the end of September! I debated on sharing them but I thought what the hell! I hosted a harvest moon party back when Summer was changing over to Fall and these are a few photos of my outfit from that night. I love how versatile my hair can be. It is so wonderful to just part it differently and feel like I have a whole new look. For me small changes are so refreshing. You may have noticed that I change my hair almost monthly.

As a child my mother always had the same hair-do and I would always comment that it never changed. She had her reasons for what she loved and to this day has something similar. By all means her hair has evolved since the early 90′s and the days of the bird nest bangs. In the last few years I have come to understand how and why we all seem to get stuck in style ruts. Once you find something that looks good on you and that you can maintain, why would you need to change it?

I can appreciate efficiency but something is so SOUL SUCKING to say, “I have to have bangs because of my forehead.” OR “Oh, my face is too round for short hair.” Mind you I have had some version of a side swipe bang for like 14 years.

So cheers to trying something new.

Going outside of your comfort zone.

Cheers to trying a trendy center part even if you swore you never would.

My 8th grade class picture, where I sported a rather harsh center part is scaring to say the least. None the less I would like to introduce you to my forehead…

IMG_6508 IMG_6517 IMG_6511 IMG_6525 IMG_6513 IMG_6515

Photos by my dear friend Corey Snipes.

To see more photos from the party check out Our Ampersand Photography.

On the note of that glaring 5 finger forehead, I encourage you to have more fun with your hair. Take risks and enjoy the magical fact that it grows back.



Jackie Babethoven Allen - celebrate don’t hate, the fivehead :)