I would like to take a moment and talk about a dreadful little thing called;

Long distance relationships.


Doesn’t that just bring up a whole mess of strange uncomfortable longing memories? Memories of you and your high school boyfriend, who moved to Savannah for college, sending long pathetic text messages filled with yearnings for weekend visits alone without school or parents. Or maybe those even more gut wrenching memories of finding out said boyfriend has been cheating on you for months moments before you walk into your modern European history final exam, rendering you unable to complete said exam and fail said class.

BUT, were not discussing those kinds of long distance relationships. In fact, we are so over those. I mean, we don’t even care about those relationships anymore right? Yeah.

Right. No ladies, I am here to talk about a different kind of LDR (you with me?). A kind that I am finding myself increasingly involved in. I am in a LDR with friday night dinners, weather that requires only a sweater and MAYBE a scarf, my grandmothers green bean casserole, the delightfully insane crew at Rock City Starbucks, Jaime Smialek, Milton, and possibly even you. I wish you could have found this out a different way, but Facebook doesn’t currently allow you to claim “nostalgia” as your significant other. Since moving to Chicago I’ve had to totally readjust my life. I mean, do you even realize how hard it is to flirt with the cute barista at your local coffee shop while wearing snow boots, two pairs of pants, and a parka? Especially while theres seasoned vets in line behind you wearing fucking SKIRTS?! No one said it would be easy, but i’m here to tell you, no one said it’d be this hard. *Queue Sheryl Crow*

Thankfully I have such an amazing best friend in Jaime who is willing to brave the cold and trek her happy ass all the way up to Chicago to spend our favorite holiday together. It is so easy to get into a rut in this cold weather and continue wearing the same jeans, sweater, and arctic north face coat day after day. It was nice to have Jaime here and shake that up for me. She came, we froze, and we looked awesome doing it. It’s things like this that really make living in this tundra okay. Knowing that I have all these things that keep my heart alive back in Chattanooga, that are willing to be apart of this new life i’m creating here in Chicago. It gives me hope that one day these two universes in which I live will some day collide.

Until that day, I have to keep challenging myself to do what makes me happy. Even if that means little things like trying to re-create my grandmothers recipe in my tiny ill-equipped kitchen, braving the cold in my favorite cutoff shorts and fleece lined leggings, or throwing all caution to the wind and flirting with cute barista guy, even if I do look like the Michelin Man.

***Who, by the way, as I was sitting here writing this post came over to my table and offered me a tiny little latte. Which I accepted as a tiny little pat on the back from my dear friend, the universe****

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So with that, I would like to wish you all a Merry SWIA Christmas. I would like to challenge you all to take these last few weeks of the year and discover the universe in which your heart lies, the long distance relationships that pull you in all different directions, find your happiness, and make a commitment to nourish them. For God sakes, get out of that winter rut and put on that Kim Kardashian body con dress, throw a sweater over it, some warm socks and your favorite shabooties and FLIRT your face off.

See you in a few weeks Chattanooga.



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