This year for Dress Up Christmas Katelynd and I had planned to be spending our favorite holiday apart. With this sadness in our hearts we decided that even while apart we would do a couples costume. In a heart broken stupor just a week before I bought a  ticket to Chicago to take part in the blessed celebration with my love. Originally we discussed being peas and carrots since K is obsessed with @realcarrotfacts on Twitter. Yes, its a real thing and yes she is actually overwhelmed with joy by the account.

Something about the costume just wasn’t settling with me and while discussing this with my dear friend Casey Yo I blurted out…. We have to be something no one understands, something we have to explain… like two halves of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting or something!! Welp there it was. Born in a manger of glory.

If you aren’t familiar with O’Keeffe’s work you should poke around on the interwebs. She made huge paintings of flower blossoms very up close. Like they were under a magnifying glass. Many people thought the paintings represented vaginas and though they were celebrations of sensual forces and ecstasy of nature itself, they were not meant to be vaginas.

For SWIA purposes Katelynd and I were happy to just say we were vagina paintings for Dress Up Christmas this year. Nothing as fun as wearing a clitoris on your head and wrapping your body with a some labia minoras.



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