I got impatient waiting for the leaves to turn colors so I dyed my hair. I love to change my hair and I love to do it myself! I have a lot of people ask how I keep it so blonde (when it is blonde) and the truth is I bleach it with a box  of hair bleach from Walgreens. When I went dark it was just an impulse. I saw a girl with similar hair in an ad. Then I ran the idea by my two besties Katelynd and Heidi. Once I got the “oh hell yeah” of approval it was all systems go. That evening when I was grocery shopping a I looked at some boxes of brown to ombre my hair. Then I decided to just go for it! I picked up this deep red/brown oxblood color and I already had the purple Manic Panic at home.

I have had a few people as me to do some posts on the beauty products I use from the corner store but honestly I really can’t recommend that you do your own hair. Its not that I am special or specifically talented… its that I don’t care. It doesn’t worry my that it most likely WON’T turn out the way I think its going to. Or if I damage my hair toooooo much and have to chop it all off!

Being a kitchen beautician is some what like being a mad scientist. My hands are always crazy colors for a few days, my scalp has been blistered more than once, I have had orange skunk stripes, I have had all over orange (more than once), I even accidentally dyed my hair HOT PINK last winter.

One time I even bleached wet hair and lost CHUNKS of hair. Chunks ladies. It was bad.

The point being I love my hair and I love having fun with it but I will always recommend going to professional that you love and trust!

Cheers to taking chances! Cheers to hair growing back!